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Nardwuar vs. Curren$y pt.2 (Video)

blame it on Shake May 27, 2011

Spitta and the Nard link back up. This time in Vancouver.

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  • Dough Boy

    *dead* at Curren$y laughing his ass off at Lil Wayne’s collabs

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    CANNON CANNON hahah…I do that all the time whenever someone rolls a cannon of a blunt/joint/cigarette.

    He shows what’s inside the box from the JetsGo video.

  • currensy deals with this dude perfectly, glad they linked up again. click the name

  • marty mcfly

    Currensy is dope but he aint fucking with the original JETS from the 80s… I remember hearing that album when I was a baby , thats good music.

  • He torn it down in chicago last night, brought out wiz and gibbs shake put that footage up

  • Uploading the show right now. Click the name

  • Steez

    This guy Curren$y is too fucking funny! I was cracking up the whole interview. Great interview.

  • Shy

    Nardwuar interviews >>>>>>>>>

    i’m A FAN

  • Blackaristocrat

    Nardwuar needs to take his talents to Hollywood.

  • JAyP


  • Bob Costas

    Nardwuar is THE FUCKING BEST

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    @ Pooty tang

    And people were saying that Curren$y is beefing with Wiz Khalifa these days. I swear there are a lot of rap fans that look for gossip to talk about. It’s kind of sad.

  • Pedro

    Every interview that Curren$y is in, it’s a funny interview, instead of watching stand-up, I watch Curren$y’s interviews…

  • Pugz

    Haha Curren$y is THAT DUDE.

  • dsve

    This is like the funniest stoner man.and the only person
    who I know who could get instrospective with weed and make it relate to real life events lol

  • thewilywon

    currency is a real nigga at end of the day. . . not a hollywood type

  • joeproblems

    @ red

    if you listen to the song “record deals” on return to the winners circle, it sounds like he’s talking bout wiz. i never thought they were actually “beefing” because they aint the type, but that track + the timing of it being released and wiz signing + them not working together in a while.. i could see why people thought that..

    Oh yeah and “return to the winners circle” < every other spitta mixtape.

  • Maya


  • Jay Stay Laced

    “Don’t hit me with that mic dawg.” *dead*

  • Johnny Blaze

    SHAKE put up footage of Curren$y live in Chicago at the Metro. Show was off the chain.

    The whole JETS crew was there along with Mikey Rocks, Wiz, and Freddie Gibbs.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)


    < like it's worse than all of his other mixtapes? To be honest I still haven't listened to Return to the Winners Circle meanwhile I've heard Welcome, Smokee, Tecmo, 30,000, Fear & Loathing, KVGMC, Independence, Fast Times, Fin, Life @, and Jets Fool a billion times.

    I really couldn't tell you which tape I like best though.

  • MosWundrus

    *claps* at adult swim reference