Ill Hill Society - Kill 'Em

Something new from Hawai'i's Flip the Bird camp. For more info, hit up their bandcamp page. Peace to Kwalified.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Hill Society - Kill 'Em

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  • PRIE

    /\ iLL HiLL Murdered this track! chee! FLIP THE BIRD #HawaiiHipHop

  • swagswag

    #swag #50stateKIDZ

  • swagswag


  • Rudified

    Ill Hill did it again

    Take em to the motherfuckin' hill / \

  • Codeine

    Big ups to the homies. Them Ill Hill boiz ain't nuthin to fuck with yA heARD mE... /\

  • dopenesss

    Fuck Yes!! / \ *throws up the hill

  • these racist fucks!!!!!!!! i love this shit!!!!! i thank you!!! my dick thanks youuuuu

  • hihater

    ill hillbillies..... nice artwork to go along with the heat...

  • Wainae

    IDK about y'all but it's decent lol

  • the homies killed it CHEE! /\

  • thisiswun

    IllHILL!! FTB

  • Creedence

    Take dem to the HILL. Good job you guys. FTB!


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