• FuckOddFutureFagGang

    i choose these 2 brooklyn niggaz,p3-heartagram and stann smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn8-kA0JdLA

  • Glenn C.

    That girl L.A has the crazy show. BK Hip Hop Fest needs her.

  • MikeyMo

    isn't YC from the Bronx? i could be wrong, whatever lol. this is tough cause Maffew and YC are both dope as hell, but YC is too underrated. let's get his votes up!

  • Dj Gemz

    This L.A. chick is dope! Please post more from her!!!

  • http://www.evewithoutadam.com eVe

    who is that girl?
    whatz her name?

    she is AWESOME!

  • Malik B

    L.A. is all hollywood. she ain't about shit

  • maady

    L.A. deserves it, she's bringing that lyrical female mc back to the game that we used to see with Queen Latifah, MC Lyte & all of those chicks that sold lyricism & not sex. VOTE FOR L.A.

  • http://www.houseofaura.com Houseofaura

    "L.A definitely deserves it, She works extremely hard" VOTE FOR L.A - HOUSEOFAURA.COm

  • bmorestateofmind

    Give it to 810 and Black Sunn. When was the last time somebody repped Bmore?

  • Robert Armel

    The Black Sunn & 810

  • mono

    straight monkey nuff said

  • EllaBrinx

    L.A. & Nitty Scott MC. (Why is the latter not on this list?) **Confused**

  • Ryuk

    Black Sunn and 810

  • Perinatalogist

    I thought Yc was up here. What happened?

  • Creme fraitche

    Where brooklyn at? No Puerto Rocks reppin? In a bk show? Thats not brooklyn!!! I AM MANY IS BK's finest. Haven't you even heard him speak- no one is more bk than he is.

  • treje

    Black Sunn & 810