Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat: Game 1

blame it on Illy May 31, 2011

Image: rhurst

The time has come. Who are you placing your bets on?

  • pettso

    Heat in 6, LBJ MVP are my bets.

  • Thunder Pride

    Mavs in 6, JJ Barea for MVP

  • Miami will end up fouling their way to a win as usual.


  • Dalt Wisney

    Not 2 Not 3 Not 4 Not 5 Not 6 Not 7..

  • inside information

    Go Mavs. Anybody but Miami.

  • Doc Rovers

    lebron and bosh biggest pussies/phonies/crybabies/pushovers in basketball. oh and delonte still fucked your mom bron bron.

  • Pauly Dee


    Does that answer your question?

  • heat in 7

  • SCB

    Anti-Heat, so go Mavs

  • DrE

    If u go bac & look @ last years post after the lakers beat the celtics in game 7 i posted miami would win it all this year so im sticking with my pick i been a heat fan everysince they draft dwayne wade(THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE) but i hate fucking lebronda & i hope someone kills her bitch & fuck all u bandwagon faggots that hopped on ship after his punkass decided to ride wade’s coattail..

  • DrE

    If u go bac & look @ last years post after the lakers beat the celtics in game 7 i posted miami would win it all this year so im sticking with my pick i been a heat fan everysince they draft dwayne wade(THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE) but i hate fucking lebronda & i hope someone kills her bitchass & fuck all u bandwagon faggots that hopped on ship after his punkass decided to ride wade’s coattail..

  • efed

    funny niggas got nothin better to do than hate talk all the shit u want about bron cause your just talking out ya asses, if his performance didnt shut you up by now your just one dumb mothafucker. #TEAMWADE all fucking day

  • WHAT!

    @Doc Rovers you must be a Laker fan like Shake. Hahahaha! Heat FTW!

  • williamhsince83

    Fuck both teams. Go Lake Show!

  • efed

    ^^^^^ i fucks wit the nigga above me #teamwade

    and deadass u sound stupid too ive never been a fan of lebron since he entered the league but the heat wouldnt be in the finals without him,wade and bosh together niggas need to quit frontin and grow up

  • DrE

    no matter how many rings the heat win wade will always have 1 more than lebrick aka scottie pippen

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Mavs in 5, but Heat will win tonight. It all depends on how “generous” the referees decide to be. Since ’06 Wade was averaging over 16 free throws per game.

  • Jet Life

    MAVS taking this shit!!
    FUCK A LEBRON,WADE AND BOSH matter fact FUCK the heats period.

  • Pauly Dee


  • Cleveland Mavaliers fan. Fuck the Luke Warmth.

  • Tosin

    Dallas all the way.

  • Brandon

    Kinda feel bad for dirk he’s about to lose to the same team twice in the finals while wade wins his 2nd ring against the same team lol

  • ADP


    Philly (check), Boston Big Three (check), Chicago’s D. Rose (check), DIRK ON DECK (You’re Next) ! WE’RE BRINGING HOME THE CHIP !!!!

  • HEATTTTT!! C’monnn, not even a question

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    JJ Barea > Wade
    Mavs > Heat / 4-2
    Dirk MVP

  • Tto

    Heat in 4.

  • U. Cnt. See. Me!


    Im glad af the lakers or celtics are not in it

  • http://ustre.am/fs4V NBA Finals Coverage

  • zbMrOG

    Mavs in 6…if not bring on the rapture

  • zbMrOG

    I dont hate Lebron, but if he stayed in Clevland & won he coulda had a true legacy and been baby Jordan, but now he’s just a baby. The greatest…#2

  • John Plasse

    whoever said miami obviously sucks dick for the dollarse

  • Ace

    Go Hawks and Go Lakers!


  • @Ace

    Ace ^ obviously knows whats good

  • Darth Vader

    Miami in 7 quit haitng get money

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    Damn… there’s a lot of haters. Of course all the Laker fans are rooting for the Mavs, I mean… the Mavs did SWEEP the Lakers. The other haters are obviously broken-hearted Clevelanders…

    SMH… it’s sad, even when everyone knows Heat are the better team in this match up, they still want to hate to the Maximum. LBJ + D-3 + RuPaul = NBA Championship

  • A$tro

    Miami Niggas 305 die we die Wade County Boii!!!!!!!!

  • YoungCosby

    Viva Brasil !!!

  • Oh shit… they got “Dirk NoRINGski” trending on Twitter. LOL


  • T

    Heat all day. Everyone hating on them for no reason.

  • cam

    LeBroad “I let my teammate bang my mom'” Flames


    all ya’ll sound real salty in this bitch. heat in 4 wade/bron for MVP and all you bitch ass mavericks bandwagoners will be crying in your cornflakes


    smh and these lake show fans. kobe’s playing golf or fucking white girls or trying to figure out how to get phil back

  • JAyP



    yeah talk about an action-packed sport!! Baseball def keeps me on the edge of my seat for all 200 or so pointless regular season games… must be a mavs fan and by default a sore loser

  • markaveli


  • Lebron went to Miami just to heat it up.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    Um… I heard to Miami Heat won Game 1. Tell a friend. Hell, tell your neighbor! :D

  • TheE

    that game sucked. both teams played like crap. hopefully game 2 is better

  • lanarell

    idk if I can watch this series or even watch the nba anymore. I’ve been watching the playoffs closely and every series wade and lebron get every pussy-ass foul called their way. They cry like little bitches when they don’t get the call. I’m a bucks fan (I know lol) and not a biased fan it’s just what I observed and it makes me sick being an nba fan since the early 80s’. It’s a disgrace, and I would venture to say it’s fixed b/c of how much money surrounds the heat now.

    and btw lebron is an incredible athlete but not a skilled basketball player at all.

  • cam

    co-sign ta the fullest!!!!!!!

  • heat= hate

    all the haters have the same excuse…..blame the refs lol

  • Ty

    The comment “No one respects the heat” is RETARDED! Like my man said up top, you got a LOT of salty as people on here. Every person hating on the heat and lebron are just mad he didn’t come to your time, real talk. EVERYBODY wanted him, and when he said no, Haters came out the wood work. FACT IS, if you love basketball, know basketball and appreciate good players and teams, then you give him what is due. Every announcer in the game calls him the best player in the nba. And wade will always have one more ring then lebron, but he will have gotten then with his help. Grow up, otherwise don’t say you love the game. I’ll watch any game because i love it, but my TEAM is MIAMI. And hate it or love it (though most want to hate) You KNOW who’s gonna win, and you KNOW who are the best. I mean shit, i didn’t hear a DAMN THING about carmelo leaving the nuggets, but lebron leaving is fucked up? AND if my teammate fucked my mom, i’d bounce to, cuz there’s no loyalty!!

  • greenchop

    obviously a heat fan thinks every call is correct lol open your eyes

    theres so many haters not because they are gdoing good, its because they are scumbag douchebag pieces of shit. ie. wade taking down rondo and lebron taking jterry’s legs out

  • TheE

    NBA die in 2004, since that NBA been the pussy league everything is a foul now..

    Oh Dallas lost because they did not rebound the ball, The Ref did made a stupid call on Dirt when heat where up 4 that put Bosh at the line to go up 6 but that was not the reason Dallas lost.


    everyone whining about the refs is cracking me up!! out of any heat or maverick player, dirk gets the most superstar calls by far. he’s getting fouls that kobe gets for some reason and that shit never happened before this year. if anything the refs are tilted towards dallas’ favor. that being said, it’s the state of the game right now where you have to play the other team and the refs. both teams do. one game down, three to go. HEAT ALL DAY

  • T

    So Jordan can be on a team with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman and everyone loves them, but Lebron is on a team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and everyone hates them? Haters have no logic.

  • jetsfool

    i dont get it why do people hate chris bosh he’s a good player you got to admit

  • jetsfool

    O yea GO PISTONS!!!!!!

  • LAsupreme


  • Why are people still talking about the Lakers? aint they at home eating ramen noodles or something bwhaaaa #KingJamesFlow the heat in 6

  • Kevin Durant all day. watch the video. http://youtu.be/XZF0nKS6IgY

  • panameyo24…im ur poppa

    bunch of faggs hating on the HEAT but guess what………..MIA 1 Them dudes 0 — men lie women lie numbers dont!

  • Chris Parks

    lol why do people keep bringing up the rumor (yes, rumor) about Delonte West and LBJ’s mom?
    Anyway I’m anti-Heat is well. 1st time in life I have been a hater but it has to be done

  • kickinyack

    okay, before you start saying shit about the haters, take a step back and look at who are heat fans. 90% bandwagon fans that have some bullshit excuse to be a heat fan all of the sudden. “Oh yeah yo man my cousin went on vacation to south beach last summer so I’m a pure Heat fan all day!” Anti-Heat have much more reason to hate on the heat than heat fans have reason to be heat fans. They had to change the color of the seats or some shit lol at their arena so it looked like they had more fans.

  • Julian

    I was at the game last night. It was awesome. Wilbon looked pissed off! So much fun! Can’t wait to go to Game 2. Go HEAT!

  • $$$

    I’m a Knicks dude, myself. But Wade’s a good dude.

  • Keepit100

    Peoples logic as to why anyone is a fan of any team makes no sense. You don’t have to have watched a team from day one to be a true fan. Its like never seeing a boxing match, then one day flipping through channels you see mayweather or pac-man getting it in and it just felt good to watch. So you say “i like that dude” That does not make you a fly by night fan. Everyone, EVERYONE has to begin there rooting at some point in time. And heat fans who get on people who are now heat fans, that shits stupid. There on your team, don’t matter how they got there. I am a heat fan, but i honestly have had no team for over 10 years. I watched PLAYERS. I am a james fan, a wade fan, a rondo fan, durant fan, stoudemire fan, carmelo, deron williams, the list keeps going. I watched players that i thought had game, put in work, and play! I love BASKETBALL!! Grew up with it, and i was a huge Jordan and bulls fans. But that never stopped me from watching the lakers, boston, going to knick games etc. Its simple, first find out if you love the game, if so, then keep it 100 with yourself. I started watching wade in 2006 when i moved back to the states, i watched james the minute i heard of him coming out of HS. I always liked the heat, but never committed myself to any team. Call me what you want, fact is, don’t bother me. But i have never seen so many people playing games with themselves. Wades my man, and you take james from the Cavs then obviously instead of watching the cavs with james and heat with wade, im watching the heat. You took the interest out of one team and added it to another. I watched most of the east coast teams this year. The guy $$$ up top is keeping it real. You can love your time, its encouraged, but keep it real. Wade is a good dude! OH and to the person up top talking about Wade taking out rondo. Rondo still came back and did his thing, he wasn’t salty, he came to play. And wade walked away so there isn’t any possible scuffle going on. A player gets the wrong idea and swings, and you got suspension’s. Its smart, and if you didn’t notice, wade was the first person to ask him how he was when he came back in the game. THAT’S REAL!!


  • romdom

    cant wait til the mavs win and you feel like a dumbass cuz you picked the wrong team to jump on the wagon
    and it was a dirty play wades a homo

  • Charles

    its pretty HOT down here in Florida. so we all need to accept the fact that the Heat will continue to burn down those pussy mavs.-and yeah I’ve been a fan of the Heat ever since they first became a team. Us long term Heat fans had to deal with a lotta shit talk from everyone else back in ’07 when Miami only won 14 games. but they are back!!!

  • YOYO

    ^ hows it taste mother fucker

  • Sir Keyz

    Dirk from Dallas in 6

  • Thanks mike! I atclaluy took a tip or two in this of ideas I never thought of.Nice log man! Keep em coming!