KRS-One – Stand Up

New track from the collaborative efforts of KRS-One and Bumpy Knuckles, Royalty Check and produced by King Karnov.

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  • TekZilla

    KRS-One annoys me to no end.

  • leutrim

    he really should jut not release anything for 2 or 3 years and then cpmpile all the best songs hes made into a 12 track lp and then release it, only then will we actually give a shit about new krs-one


  • taeb

    dope tha blastmastaaaaaa

  • Spike

    I want to hear Bumpy Knucks, that's it

  • Trakslasha

    This is what we talking about...Krsssssss One!!!!!

  • jack johnson

    @leutrim his last album was produced by True Master who is fuckin dope, the problem is KRS has become too preachy with his lyrics, he now sounds like a grandfather who always wants to point at 'them youingins' and tell them what they're doing wrong and how they're so rude etc. too much fuckin preaching from the teacha

  • word @jackjohnson


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