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Masta Ace – I Refuse f. Wordsworth (prod. Marco Polo)

blame it on JES7 May 31, 2011

On the subject of Ace, did anyone else catch that contest Marco Polo, Stricklin and Masta Ace did over the weekend? It was a “vote for the best DJ Premier beat” and the last two songs ended up being NaS Is Like and Jadakiss’ None of Y’all Better, NaS Is Like ended up winning. Obviously there should have been other joints in the top two, but I still think None of Y’all Better shoulda won. What do y’all think?

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  • I caught the UStream Primo tournament you’re talking about… It was good, but I feel that Mass Appeal really souls have been in the final & won it all! Just my opinion…

  • I agree. Nothing against Nas Is Like because it is a classic, but None of Y’all Better WAS the better beat in my opinion. Way more gutter, funkier, street. The flutes in Nas is Like don’t really move me like that.

  • yeahnnik

    doooope track! masta ace is one of the best.

  • skillzdoperthanyours

    aye @Justice Equality Supreme you in Fist City? Salt lake/H-building in this bitch…

    I think that None of Y’all Better should have won out of the two but I also think the voting was swayed by the artists that rocked over those beats being more in the public now instead of people just voting on the beat alone.

    Mass Appeal should have faced Kick in the Door in the finals.

  • $$$


  • @skillz

    True indeed. I caught the tail end of it and SMH at some of the beats that got picked.

  • frillzy

    agreed none of y’all is easily the better beat!

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know cause Nas is like was epic , None of yall was dope but its more for just the hardcore hip hop heads. Nas is like sounded more universal to me.


    jeru the damaja come clean is pne of the best

  • Prof. Oak

    Above The Clouds is my favorite beat by Preem.

  • MeGaVeLi

    To comment on the subject … ‘Nas Is Like’ gave me an eargasm like nothing before. It would take a few more years till “Thank God For That White” released, that same euphoria released from my brain! Just my 2 cents!

  • Reality1989

    Imma go with Nas is like! But my personal grimey favorite was “ALL 4 THA CASH”!!!! Straight Gutta!! Ohh… and “So Gangsta” Hov! I CANT JUST PICK ONE!!

  • Reality1989

    ^^^ My bad ” SO GHETTO”.^^^^^^

  • im gonna have to say either “come clean” or “suspended in time.”

  • rusty

    yea i caught the ustream and i can’t really argue with the choices in the final because its all opinion but i personally like Moment of Truth.

  • datskat

    Is this masta ace joint gonna be on an album or something?