Man, I would do so many bad things to this woman. UPDATE: Official video up top, behind-the-scenes down bottom.


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  • steve

    Bitch aint cute.

  • Vl

    I would do so many nasty things to this woman, that I would never even imagine of doing - Edit. :D

  • Pauly Dee're a is that gonna work out?

  • ms.DrizzyColeWorld

    i loved it

  • Jet Life

    She's a sexi mothafucker.

  • JSkee

    *Message: Jamaicans are rapist, nice!! Sometimes u just gotta take the pussy

  • Pugz

    Sounds reggae. nice

  • Myjestik

    lol at the sexytime tag

  • Soy_Milk


  • Sincere

    Sellout azz

  • mikeyfresh

    this shit tuff.
    she all in her hood, looking bad as shit.

  • Billy

    nice tune,

    but what the hell was going on in the video???? can sum1 explain did she get raped or sumthing? cos it just ends not sure wat shes trya say with the video...

  • Billy

    oh ok i get it..she gets attacked/raped...then shoots the man in reverse order..ri ri back with the controversy...

  • will

    in a video where she gets raped, you say you would do so many bad things to her... lol wow

  • zany blunts

    straight up love rihanna... songs bangin n shes bangin... shes too sexy