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The Airplane Boys Live In Toronto (Video)

blame it on Meka May 31, 2011

More footage from the Toronto-based duo during Big Sean’s concert.

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  • Zero Kool

    this has to be the corniest behind the scenes footage I have seen in awhile. Save some mystique, get off twitter and burn your bad ideas. Too much willing exposure in music and life today . All I need is a land line and a nice car

  • iLL

    WTF.. is this emo hipster wackness

  • fuckitisaidit

    what the fuck is wrong with that fagapino’s hair?

  • Homophobe

    I can’t help but think these dudes are undercover lovers. Gross!!!

  • 5hype

    Haters slash internet gangsters will keep hating. Keeping doing you guys

  • res

    some fucking skinny jean wearing faggots.

  • Cait

    ABP’s sound is original and unique. You critics are just dreamers gone scared!
    APB’s knows what’s up in the music world and are doing it BIG! Keep it up!

  • Vanny

    dont care what any of these losers say these guys are ill

  • blahblahblah

    this is definitely NOT ill…