UGK - One Day (Blue Sky Black Death rmx)

Blue Sky Black Death remixes UGK's One Day from their 1996 album Ridiin' Dirty. Props to Steady Bloggin'. RIP Pimp.

DOWNLOAD: UGK - One Day (Blue Sky Black Death rmx)

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  • skillzdoperthanyours

    I remember when Riding Dirty first came out One Day, Pinky Ring, 3 in the Mornin', Hi Life & Good Stuff whew man that whole album banged. One Day my favorite song off that joint.
    this remix is garbage straight blasphemous. disrespects the original.

  • cru jones

    ^^^ agreed. The original is just too good to be fucked with.

  • Dawg

    i was missing UGK. RIP PIMP C

  • YK

    I aint feeling it, check out Houstons new movement YoungKadi dot com

  • benny lava

    Just terrible. And I love remixes and screw music and dj shit... but this is terrible.

  • asdf

    how do you turn my fav song into a throwaway.. bs

  • asdf

    btw.. this is old as shit!

  • basis

    How can this clown's dislike blue sky black death's magic?!
    They maybe listen to lil wayne

  • Huh?

    While this may not be to everyone's liking, BSBD are amazing - they've created their own sound (which is ever so hard to come by). If anyone hates it's because BSBD's style might not suit UGK's southern style or they have hearing aids.

  • SwishasNKush

    Check out my "ONE DAY CADILLAC MIX". on youtube, seriously it's not bad at all. I have 17k views and a bunch of people want the mp3.

  • Maga D

    Nice mix. People trippin because they're on some elitist shit where new interpretations are automatically bad, but this shit's good.

  • inside information

    nice mix but let's be real there's no possible remix to this that can touch the original

  • dpacAflocka

    leave the classics alone

  • word @ the first post