• jiz


  • Random

    i must be gettin old, i only reconized 4-5 names

  • TOrrent911

    i dont recognize any

  • Yo_Gotti

    Nio tha GIFT is the TRUTH!!! Killin' em with the First verse on the First track. THis is a Good look for the BAY. West coast stand up! The bar has been set!!!

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    Dont know Jon hope or J-Live?

  • datskat

    Lots of new people but still some familiar names, J-Live, Artifacts (From the late 90s), 4-Ize (used to be with DTP), Tanya Morgan, Casual from Hieroglyphics, Bosko and Cool Nutz from the bay, Production by Beatminerz, Jake One, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Apollo Brown is a newer name but still deserves to be considered classic for his production style.. This mixtape should be hot

  • jubei208

    I recognize close to 70% of the artist and producers. Gods'illa over a House Shoes track..Khaleel over a Panik track. That is Panik from theMolemen right?

  • Beastirz

    That cover is ILL!

  • Supadupa

    Yonas is like the only artist i know lol

  • http://www.internationalo.biz MUSIC MANIAC

    international O dropped an official SXSW Mixtape in March
    Download: http://www.internationalo.biz/downloads/

  • thatdude

    that track 23 "Im Gone" with J.A.E. and Capitall SS is dope!

  • http://www.whutupdoe.com WHUTUPDOE

    Yeah, track 23 is probably the best track on here. Jae Musick and CapitalSS are SPAZZING over that Von Pea beat. Ro Spit over that Apollo Brown beat, the Jake One track, House Shoes track, and Without Hands are all nasty as well. The whole tape is pretty much dope!