Unique Squared, Quality Control, 2DopeBoyz & DJBooth Present: The Official SXSW Mixtape (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 31, 2011

During this year’s SXSW Festival leading pro audio company Unique Squared, in partnership with Quality Control Marketing, parked a massive tour bus on Austin’s streets to serve as a state of the art recording studio. Throughout the festivities some of hip-hop’s most notable emcees stopped by the Mobile Studio to record exclusive songs over all-original production. The result is The Official SXSW Mixtape, a 30 track collection that captures the energy and creativity of SXSW.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Do You Agree ft. Nio Tha Gift & Al Gator (prod. by IMakeMadBeats)
2. Any Means Necessary ft. Skipp Coon & Catalyst (prod. by Trox)
3. Turn It Out ft. Artifacts (prod. by King I Divine)
4. Bak Atcha ft. Big Rec (prod. by 44th P)
5. Freestyle – Bus Joint ft. Oneway (prod. by Martin)
6. All Alone ft. Ro Spit (prod. by Apollo Brown)
7. No Quarter ft. J-Live (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.)
8. Crazy ft. Gods’illa (prod. by House Shoes)
9. Headshots ft. MidaZ THE BEAST (prod. by Vanderslice)
10. Friday Night Fights ft. Khaleel (prod. by Panik)
11. Proceed With Caution (PWC) ft. TzarIZM & Synopse (prod. by Dynamite Bros.)
12. SHOUTROLUDE Pt 1 & 2 ft. Various Artists (prod. by Dynamite Bros. + Arablak)
13. Our Town (Houston TX) ft. Niyat (prod. by Sureshot Brothers)
14. Freestyle ft. Hanif WondiR (prod. by Meks)
15. Freestyle ft. Foul Mouth Jerk [prod. by Crazy DJ Bazarro (Beatminerz)]
16. Van Gogh ft. Dynas (prod. Von Pea)
17. Th3rd ft. Th3rd (prod. by TN2 Productions)
18. Gimme My Space ft. D.O.S. & Chi-Ill (prod. by Big Rus)
19. Good Man ft. Tef Poe, Cool Nutz & Mikey Vegaz (prod. by Jony Fraze)
20. Freestyle ft. J. Sands [prod. by Crazy DJ Bazarro (Beatminerz)]
21. Skewby Freestyle Austin TX ft. Skewby (prod. by Vinroc)
22. Things Just Ain’t Right ft. Infinito 2017 (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.)
23. I’m Gone ft. Jae Musick & CapitalSS (prod. by Von Pea)
24. The 9th Inning (Victory) ft. TRUTHLiVE, Thaione Davis & The 17th (prod. by Tone Beatz)
25. My Style is Major ft. Bosko, Yonas & Punchline (prod. by Keelay)
26. Without Hands ft. Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, King Mez & Skyzoo (prod. by Veterano)
27. Unfortunate ft. Nick Javas & Khaleel Connect (prod. by Dynamite Bros.)
28. People ft. 4-IZE (prod. by Von Pea)
29. Every Step I Take ft. Moe Green (prod. by GenErik)
30. Actual Fact Jon Hope, Fokis, Casual (prod. by Jake One)
31. OUTRO ft. Various Artists (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.)

DOWNLOAD: Unique Squared, Quality Control, 2DopeBoyz & DJBooth Present: The Official SXSW Mixtape (Mixtape)

  • jiz


  • Random

    i must be gettin old, i only reconized 4-5 names

  • TOrrent911

    i dont recognize any

  • Yo_Gotti

    Nio tha GIFT is the TRUTH!!! Killin’ em with the First verse on the First track. THis is a Good look for the BAY. West coast stand up! The bar has been set!!!

  • Dont know Jon hope or J-Live?

  • datskat

    Lots of new people but still some familiar names, J-Live, Artifacts (From the late 90s), 4-Ize (used to be with DTP), Tanya Morgan, Casual from Hieroglyphics, Bosko and Cool Nutz from the bay, Production by Beatminerz, Jake One, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Apollo Brown is a newer name but still deserves to be considered classic for his production style.. This mixtape should be hot

  • jubei208

    I recognize close to 70% of the artist and producers. Gods’illa over a House Shoes track..Khaleel over a Panik track. That is Panik from theMolemen right?

  • Beastirz

    That cover is ILL!

  • Supadupa

    Yonas is like the only artist i know lol

  • international O dropped an official SXSW Mixtape in March

  • thatdude

    that track 23 “Im Gone” with J.A.E. and Capitall SS is dope!

  • Yeah, track 23 is probably the best track on here. Jae Musick and CapitalSS are SPAZZING over that Von Pea beat. Ro Spit over that Apollo Brown beat, the Jake One track, House Shoes track, and Without Hands are all nasty as well. The whole tape is pretty much dope!