• IMO

    We need El-P. This beat is dope as fuck tho.

  • Don Digit

    Dope! Cannibal Ox reunited on C-Rayz album a couple years ago also. Wonder if this is a new Vordul verse?

  • Braniak

    Whoa! This shit Bangz.

  • Ted

    smoke it nigga

  • D

    Anyone heard album? How is it?

  • chef

    wooooooooooo~ this shit makes me wanna be ric flair.

  • bljfm

    @D the albums alright, a few dooooope as bangers, but some boderline whack stuff in there (see horoscope).
    Vast needs to get El-P back in the booth with him, thats all I gotta say

  • Spike

    Is it just me or Raekwon's voice is weird on this? Sounds like the pitch is higher than usual, or it's slightly sped up or something.

  • ns

    the bass line is a bit weird in this, kind of throws everything off when the random ultra low notes start hitting