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Yelawolf + Wu-Tang = YELAWUK

blame it on Illy May 31, 2011

To celebrate Yelawolf going on tour with Wu-Tang to UK in June 2011, Greg Street put something to set it off for the kid Yelawolf. The Yelawuk T-Shirt from the street collection. Available only at Fly Kix June 1st at 2pm.

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  • Josh Chrom

    there could have been so many better things in this post than a cheesy tee shirt… maybe next time

    yela is dope

  • LAsupreme

    wtf is Wu doing with Yelawolf?

  • yfw

    cute shirt.

    and I agree with Billy…

  • david

    i checked out ‘good to go’, ‘trunk muzik’, ‘pop the trunk’, ‘i just wanna party’ and ‘kickin’ and don’t see what’s so good about any of them, has he got any good material or is all the hype just from shady dick riders?