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Clipse: Let It Grow (Video)

blame it on Shake June 1, 2011

Pusha and Malice sit down with SHHO to discuss their success, growth as artists/individuals, and more.

  • ironmike

    I love there music but would Clipse be succesfull without N.E.R.D?

    They have been comfortable ever since Star Trak blew up. This situation offcourse created a backdrop for them to develop their craft as artists. They talk as if everything they have achieved has been their own accomplishment. I believe luck plays a big part in it. Would be nice if they would acknowledge this fact.

  • Bigwill

    You can say the same for 50 and Em about Dr.Dre, but they all use each other if its production or rhyming

  • Guest

    Well whose accomplishment has it been? They made smart moves, being around smart people, and having a strong support team. So I don;t think you should take away any of their glory, after all this is one of the hip hop’s last great groups (non-underground).

  • ironmike< thats like sayin wud snoop be successful without dr dre…or wud biggie be famous without puff..its irrelevent..not every1 can work with NERD and have a consistent 12 year career..that for them is just getting started.. unlike 100s of ppl who have worked with pharrel they have a strong fan base who love them for their LYRICS if you dont know.

  • Yessir… Shout out the homies Clipse for speaking some knowledge…

  • Your Father

    If its growth in anything outside of lyricism then sure, cause Lord knows the cocaine bros barely rap about anything else.
    That’s what’s holding them back, if you ask me.

  • @ Your Father

    An ignorant individual who may like to compare The Clipse to Jeezy or Ross would say something like that

    They are much more deeper than that…

  • ironmike

    All I’m saying is that its an important aspect of succes. They don’t even mention this. And yes that goes for alot of other artists as well.

    They are practically brothers with Pharrell and ’em so you can’t compare them with other ‘outside’ artists who worked with the Neptunes. You gotta be kidding me if you believe the Clipse are on a similar scale with Snoop, Eminem popularity and sales wise.
    They probably have the high standard of living like those artists. But to me they are underground rappers that live a ‘mainstream budget’ lifestyle.

    Aside of all off this they have a great body of work.