• marty mcfly

    Praying that Phonte is really dropping a solo rap album in september and that its 90% dope RHYMES and beats ( by 9th ).

  • CF

    Did they forget the Connected album happened? That was the only one I really got into...

  • http://elomusic.tumblr.com evident

    Phonte is dope.

    Check out this underground hip-hop album for free.

  • Musikfiend

    Like Phonte's singing but c'mon man we've waited long enough give us a solo rap album.

  • dunk


  • http://www.kimnunley.com Kim

    Automatic purchase.

  • http://www.themixtapemonster.com The Mixtape Monster

    I WAS THERE. And it was awesome. Worth your scrill for sure when it drops. Not wanting to spoil any surprises, but they remix one of their songs in there in amazing fashion.

  • http://www.jahahonline.com Jahah

    Phonte is authentic! I like the fact that he does what he feels. However, I do hope he gives us an album that is based around his hip hop side of things. I respect his singing but I wanna hear some of that clever spittin' he brings to the table as well. Maybe a nice dose of both (singing/rhyming) will satisfy us all.

  • Pillsbury Flowboy

    "rappin Tay, four-and-a-half-mic honoree
    Or singing Tay, first-time Grammy nominee"

    he knows what hes doing.