• GEE

    trash....emanny tho>>>

  • http://apoetnameded.blogspot.com PoetED

    Nice & Smooth production goin on. Emanny has a pretty dope voice also...

  • http://hulkshare.com/yzslotqu3s6x Clint Partie

    That's some bad ass women in that video...to me. Don't normally comment on that sort of thing. Good job.

  • http://www.TheSmugger.com VicTheGenius

    Dope video and song. This is that summer time riding ish

  • BigBill

    Nice jawn here

  • http://Y2 NYDCB

    One of them broads was busted. 1:54 to be specific. Ewww. I'm sure the body was right though. She just need to learn not to smile in front of a camera.