Trina - Hit It Right BTS (Video)

Yeah, I know. And yeah, that's the only reason this is here too. We're all thinking the same thing. Even the ones that are about to voice the opposite in the c-section are thinking of the same thing, but with another woman.

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  • Trina look busted.

  • Great way to set an example for all the kids out there!!! #swag

  • pdot

    Bad Bitches & COmic Books The Mixtape = Classic shit

  • awye

    trina was looking good until i saw from the waist down. it just looks fucked up

  • Ace

    Hit It Right?
    Why, Yes I Would, Trina.

  • Actual/Factual

    This broad body fell off. Go sit down somewhere.

  • Nick No Socks

    She got those shorts pulled up high above her belly button. Basically she's not in any kind of shape to pull off the look,but at the same time she knows that the only way anyone is gonna look at her video is to put a lot of ass and titties. It's too bad that the majority of those women are busted like a water balloon

  • lol i work at that park and one of my kids is in the video at :46

    way to set a good example for the kids trina

  • Ase
  • smh

    She is such a hoe.

  • Musikfiend

    *Smokey Voice @ That Still Shot* DAMMMMNNN!!!!

  • mrwill

    Presses play....after pressing mute.

  • unique_osmosis

    @Mrwill i did the same thing lol

  • D

    That black bitch; DAYUM!
    Trina; GOD DAMN NO!


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