Bad Meets Evil – Lighters f. Bruno Mars

blame it on Shake June 2, 2011

When Bruno Mars’ name landed on the tracklist, a good 90% of us formed an early opinion on how the record would turn out. Now that you can hear it in it’s entirety, what do you think? Being a fan of Royce for around a decade, it’s dope to know that he’s gonna have a certified hit on the airwaves. As it’s obvious this is gonna do countless spins on the radio, etc. Hell: The Sequel, June 14th.

DOWNLOAD: Bad Meets Evil – Lighters f. Bruno Mars | Alt

  • First DOPE!!!…feel like i’ve heard this somewhere though???

  • Nutt


  • nutt is gay

    ^gay ?

  • YMFM214

    its straight…i would love to hear them two snap on some original bad meets evil type shit though

  • milly

    Second WACK!!!!… why would u pull bruno for a feature? the beat totally counteracts the lyrics.. couldnt take either of them serious with this joke bruno on the track. smh i was actually looking forward to the album but i’ll pass. very lackluster btw. em sounds the same, nothing ground breaking. *YAWNS*

  • LtEh


  • GeeZuP

    Gayest shit Ive ever heard from these two kinda disappointed that there puting out corny ass shit like this just so they can get sum radio play there both soooo much better than this…C’mon Son!!

  • The song is dope as heck, but I don’t think Em and Royce really fit it. Someone like B.o.B or Lupe could’ve absolutely killed this.

  • Alex Cloud

    Ems verse is incredible if you ask me

  • Jim


  • A$tro

    y does em sound so aggressive on all this records??? IMO his delivery should have been more smooth on this track royce handled it tho

  • Dorian

    this is kinda gay can’t wait to see what the rest of the EP ends up sounding like though.

  • Yeah, why they would get Bruno Mars on a track just baffles me.

  • nachito

    no dope.. omg.

  • rez

    Em done fall off like the rest of em

  • (l,k)

    they need to stop leaking this shit so I have something be excited about in 2 weeks lol

  • real talk

    this is actually pretty dope most of the EP is gona be classic bad meets evil this is good for a radio hit honestly and i know the rest of the EP is gon be that tough shit so im not too mad about this

  • seriously?…lol
    lyrically tho they both did go in..but lol at royce gettin on this cotton soft beat

  • someone

    this is the softest song on the album, the rest will go hard, quote me

  • ^^i hope so..if ur wrong then i really know y this was called “hell:the sequel”.

  • marty mcfly

    Em still screaming about how hes so mad I see , even on a soft balled but the snippet sounded like it had way better songs on it then this. This song is ok but I dont know why they using it as a single type joint when it sounds like it should be right in the middle of the project to slow down all the raps about drugs , killing people and being angry at having success and being mad at other rappers. Em and Royce were probably holding each other and crying by the end of this song but they should have put out some more punch a horse , kick a puppy in the face music.

  • yep, this song pretty much sucks …

  • NOPE




  • Ugh, Yall Niggaz Gay

  • (l,k)

    a million times more respectable than love the way you lie, and while you can say it’s a sellout/poppy/soft/whatever both of them went in, especially eminem

  • Third ear

    Song is dope, yall fools just afraid of what u dont understand and dismiss anything you want to hear or what youre used to hearing…nothing wrong with versatility, open your minds

  • Just Enjoy This Shit

    This is nice, obviously directed towards the radio and record sales. I wish the beat was a bit harder, but I’ll get over it. If this and I’m On Everything are the worst songs on Hell: The Sequel, then its gonna be a pretty dope tape

  • MIG

    This does not sound “Evil” it just sounds bad as fuck. I lost mad respect for Em beacuse of this track. If the original BME came out in 99 this trash would never be in a billion foot radius. I hate how he threw this on just for radio play. Love The way you lie was actually dope, This sounds like a fucking reference track for beiber. It’s an Eminem Album, its gonna sell like wildfire radio singles or not. I thought this was gonna be a project for the fans, not another attempt to cash in. WTF Em

  • Third ear

    *you dont want to hear and not used to hearing

  • TE

    This song is awful. Cheesy, corny, un-inspired music. This isnt the real Eminem.

  • real talk

    i feel like a bunch of you guys just listened to the hook and didnt even hear the verses they both went in. im not really defending the radio friendliness of the track but for a radio song its damn good and the verses are good for any song

  • roc

    Umm yeah sounds familiar and ik why think I heard the original version last year except it wasnt a sky full of lighters it was put your lighters in the sky and if it sounds like they don’t fit on this track its cause they don’t but ik someone who does !!! This coulda smashed the radio with the original version !! #REALTALK

  • candyman

    “you goin down on somethin you dont wanna see, like a hairy box”

    HAH too bad the hook steals its flow from “superman” by 5 for fighting

  • Pauly Dee

    You “fans” are too damn fickle. Personally, this track is dope. I already knew Marty Mcfly would hate so I completely ignored his comment.

  • Escobar

    Dope for a pop song.

  • coop

    this sucks. it would be good if it was just a bruno mars song. em and royce dont need to put out shit like this they just gettin 14 year old fans and losin real fans that been w them since original bad meets evil

  • Dion

    Bruno Mars? I didnt think Em could get more poppy, but i was wrong

    F*ck this sh*t, wack as Love The Way You Lie

  • TG

    milly fuck you…you get your opinion changed by one song. its fine em and royce dont want you to buy their fucking album anyway pussy. listen this was for the radio to get sales for the album they both spit just not in their usual styles

  • Onederin

    It’s not bad. I don’t understand why people get so mad when rappers get successful. We know it’s a song intended to reach a majority of people. Why is that so shunned upon?

    And it’s not like Em or Royce held back as far as the way they rhyme nowadays.

    Everyone be happy for Royce. He has put in a lot of work and if this is the song that gets him to reach a mainstream audience and make more money, gain recognition, and help those most important to him, then that’s truly great.

  • lol co-sign at the comment that says the lyrics counteract the beat/vibe/hook. smh, hate bruno mars

  • I knew the Royce signing was a bad idea. Fact is, Em’s been wack since 2001, and Bad Meets Evil is pulling Royce away from Slaughterhouse, which sucks, because Slaughterhouse is dope. Royce is awesome, and it would be nice to see him get more approval, but not as Eminem’s sidekick. Plus, does someone want to tell me that the ’98 version of Bad Meets Evil wouldn’t stab Bruno Mars (in his goddamn esophagus)

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Wow… surprisingly a good track lol

  • STAN

    man this shit wack as fuck, i love eminem i wanted his babies, but now im gonna have to settle for the other white boy yelawolf maybe he can stimulate me like eminem used to with skits like ken kaniff.

    lmao at royces lil diss at the end of his verse though. ;)


    p.s. i like this song

  • yo




  • marty mcfly

    @candyman , then right after that line this nigga Royce said the funniest most corny shit on the song “Every hour happy hour now , life is wacky now , used to have to eat the cat to get some pussy now im just the cats meow. Owwwww!!! And the way he said that shit is just too funny. Only thing bad and evil about this song is the creation of it in the 1st place. Jayz and Kanye hear this shit they gone fall out laughing.

  • Alex Cloud

    ^ Nice humorous attempt but the real Stan is dead.

  • fuck marty mcfly for whatever reason, i’m sure there is at least one.

    they both did their thing but im waiting on the bangladesh track, it sounds nuts

  • this shit is dope… stop fuckin hatin got damn thats not even opinion when you dont say whats wrong w/ it .. u jus say ahh fuck that track.. this aint em.. no shit he;s old as hell.. sober.. seeing all these new rappers come in this shit.. that song was dope and ur a hater.. n thats a fact.. kinda.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Not gonna lie, I’m hoping that another rapper in the Lupe/B.o.B./Wale/Wiz lane takes this song and remixes it.
    Beat is pretty chill and Royce is nice but I’m an Em ‘hater’ and Bruno Mars is just meh.

  • The Rap Fan

    @ Marty McFly
    The next single for Watch The Throne is gonna feature BRUNO MARS and Beyonce, so I doubt Kanye & Jay are laughing at the song.

  • Pauly Dee

    Marty Mcfly, if you are SERIOUSLY going to hate (and yeas I use the word hate because your opinion has no merit) on EVERY Em post, just gtfo and go comment on how Consequence is better than Pusha T and how Fat Joe is one of the greatest is the greatest compared to Nas.

  • CloudKicka


  • mcdeefree

    gay as fuck, didn’t think royce would stoop to this. em has stooped below this in the past so no surprise there but dont bring royce down with you

  • Too OG to Care

    Why the fuck does radio songs gotta be corny pieces of shit like this I remember back in the 90s n b4 the radio was actually good to listen to and radio tracks were just as dope as the rest of the tracks on rapper’s albums now all mainstream rap is horse shit and this is just more proof of that

  • marty mcfly

    I didnt say nothing about Bruno Mars. I sure the project gon have some bangers on it but this song im just not on it. Going back to listening to Evidence I dont need Love EP. @Pauley Dee just let it go I know the Fat joe comment still got you throwing shit around your room but any real hip hop fan knows what I was saying. Fat joe came in 93 , Nas -93 , Fat joe has more then ten albums , Nas has more then Ten albums. Both are platinum artists and have crews , TS and Bravehearts , Nas brought in AZ , Fat Joe brought in Pun. Do I have to list more similarities or do you get it now? Dont be mad at me Em dropped some soft shit today and Pusha mixtape came and went fast as the kilos he raps about. EVERY HOUR HAPPY HOUR NOW , LIFE IS WACKY NOW. The old Slim Shady would have hit Royce with a sledge hammer for saying that shit.

  • danny

    this is legit but like if it gets a music video i’m throwing the bullshit flag

  • milly

    lmao @ the verstile comment. b.o.b pulls bruno and all sudden he’s the go to guy LMAO #fuckoutta here

  • RED

    Anyone hear Tech N9ne’s album yet? On the song “Am I A Psycho” there’s a rapper on there, Hopsin. He completely bit Eminem’s flow on it. The song is dope, but dude sounds WAY too much like Em on it. Em should hop on the remix to that song. The song fits him so well.

  • Pauly Dee

    I can understand and I can feel the Pusha thing, but no one knows what the old Slim Shady would have done. We aren’t personal with him so tis a discussion that can be quickly ended. Just like when people are like, “If Tupac were here…”

  • The king

    Marty Marty Marty don’t get me started with the fat Joe = nas shit again, wrong and still brings it up when it has nothing to do with this post. Bad Meets Evil destroying everything pop on the radio with this and for the real em Royce fans, just listen to the snips. Even Marty can’t talk shit and his mouth is full of it half the time.

  • Pauly Dee

    Besides, you shouldn’t judge a 16+ bar verse on one line. That’s kind of…wow.

    I do, however, still respect your opinion for the most part Marty Mcfly.

  • Being frank…Sinatra!!

    Stfu!! Im know fully convinced that the people who keep calling tis song wack are either 25 and older males who still think emotions are gay and 16 and under kida who think emotions are gay… Like I said if you don’t like it, kee moving. Nobody needs your ignorant comments, grow up.. I know alot of theses coments come from kids who listen to wacka and gucci and dont understand real music and so they make stupid comment.. Nobody gives a fuck about your tough guy image, learn to appreciate emotion before you comment. You not convincing nobody with your comments, this song will be all over the radio and your going to hate it so much and I love that!

  • Alex Cloud

    ^ Lol yea all of Hopsin’s songs have that old Slim Shady flow to them if you replace Kim with Easy-E’s wife you have Hopsin.

  • Alex Cloud

    ^ Lol yea all of Hopsin’s songs have that old Slim Shady flow to them if you replace Kim with Easy-E’s wife you have Hopsin

  • Pauly Dee

    Technically, I brought it up The King…

  • Being frank….Sinatra!!

    im typing from my phone so give me a break…lol

  • ?uest love

    @Marty stfu you some bitch made ass nigger you suck the hell oit of jay-z dick cuz just come to l.a. so i can whoop yo ass talk about how many albums yata yata so em got seven and he sold more than jay nas and fat joe conbined yall slandered love the way you lie and it owned the billboard charts for six weeks straights so like it and if you dont oh well move on

  • Sdot

    This is so Royce can get paid off the radio play and a hot single. It’s B.o.B. track, or Lupe at best. Not right for these 2.

  • Being frank…Sintra

    Im typing from my phone so give me a break

  • marty mcfly

    You guys take shit too personal , I still respect them has artists. When I make a comment about One or Two of their songs im not saying everything they ever did is wack. Im talking about the song at that time. One minute people hate radio shit the next moment they proud that Em is making radio shit. Like forreal DOPE IS DOPE AND WACK IS WACK. When I clowned on Slaughterhouse in the beginning , I was the first to come back and say the EP was fire and I was wrong about them cats. So calm down we just talking. @?est love put or address up or shut up.

  • marty mcfly i truthfully do not respect your opinion because it is shit and you love it up the ass

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  • AQNY

    when i seen bruno mars on this i was tight but this is dope eminem goes in one this

  • ?uestlove

    @marty lol just type ?uest love on fb i really aint hard to find and are you gay i just wanna know

  • downtown

    I dont see how the hiphop community can like this shit, its bullshit like how people think em is the best ever. the real g.o.a.t.s. would laugh at this shit

  • Satans Psychologist

    @marty mcfly How old are y son? Ima dangerous 18year old with hands like mayweather and im ready to throw hands with you for hating like a hoe…punk

  • ?uestlove

    @downtown its no disrespect but its not even us who think em is the goat he had rolling stone magazines and etc sayin that i mean the man left for 5 years came back and won artist of the decade and he still dont get the props he desreve he got artist wantin to be like him wayne doin a song called anna just cause he loved the song stan so much artist think this man is the goat i think its bout time we admit me is his fanbase is outta this world and question to all who do yall think is the goat and marty dont answer cause i know you gone say jay

  • The king

    One or two songs he says. Marty you’re on every em post talkin shit, maybe you can try this. Listen to the song, decide if you love or hate it, probably hate it and not comment. Only reason I write shit on this site is because I’m a true em / rap fan like most people on here and I see your hatin ass always talkin that shit. bitch period I bet . Nobody wants to read any of your shit. About 10 people cuss you up every time. Get the point, em is still gonna be the best with you hating him. Shady/aftermath BYOTCH!!

  • Satans Psychologist

    Who want to throw em with me? keep hating on Em like some hating hoe boys…

  • downtown

    I don’t wanna sound sarcastic or harsh but I’m probably on the wrong page to be voicing my opinions. Nas, 2pac, rakim, guru are the g.o.a.t. imo

  • Reason

    you idiots DO realize that this is not a radio single right? listen to all the cuss words and what not. this may just be the first ever underground pop hit.

  • dourman

    did em finish his verse by saying he “came in 5’9″ and left 6’8”?!?!

    pause. this whole shit is gay imo

  • ?uestlove

    @downtown i respect that lyrically wise weather you like em or not you cant take nothin away from em he can hang wit the bosses of all bosses and jay found that out first hand (renagade) rakim was one of ems biggest influences if you aint know im the r the a to the k i m if i wasnt then why would i say i am sound familar huh all those people you just named are legends no doubt but i think when it comes to fans lyrics controversy label wise em got it not sayin he better than any of these men but he up there to me the goat would be ll cool j kool g rap rakim or em

  • downtown

    @Reason thank you this why I don’t understand this shit. these dudes should either do it the right way or not do it all because the masses won’t pay attention anyway unless it will actually play on the radio a lot which wont happen

  • b

    i’m sorry but I have to hate on em. He is not the same anymore. The problem with the views of all you who are adapting to the “new” em and say he’s going another way is. you are letting any artist doing well can tomorrow say hmmmmm I can do almost no work make shit music and these people will eat it up. If em was still the old em you guys would still like his music; you are the problem because you are following other peoples opinions instead of having your own opinions. This is what’s happening with the majority of artists now. Common guys how many shit artists out there now 99% of them. The labels are so powerful they can take any person whether they can actually perform or not and turn them into a star; no skills needed.

  • downtown

    word I should of put g rap there too and i usually put masta ace there also but then theres more I have to include. But the reason i dont put em there is not because of flow, i actually think his lyrics are just fucked up when the other guys’ lyrics i mentioned are so pure and usually preach positivity

  • ?uestlove

    @b …. what? what the hell you talkin about eminem is eminem aint no old or no new he was young let him try to talk about the same shit he did then now how would that sound he was talkin about killin kim dissin artist for no reason and just crazy that wouldnt fly now shit change he doin it for his fans the reason he came back he didnt have to

  • Pauly Dee


    You are gay for insinuating this. He said came WITH.

  • Tay

    WTF is up with 117 dislikes? i guess people rather hear wayne singing or Racks or some Wacka shit. SMH

  • gottaniggagoinkrazy

    just something i’m witnessing, royce is getting soft as fuck since slaughterhouse joined shady. even in the street hop days not that long ago he was a badass dude and now he’s doin this shit???

  • kickinyack

    alot more dislikes now haha, and no we dont want wayne or that shit, we dont want this shit either.. we want real hiphop but its too much to ask these days

  • Big-O

    I was a little skeptical when I saw Bruno Mars on there, but this is pretty good. I like it. Not sure why a lot of y’all are hating so hard. It’s good.

  • ?uestlove

    masta ace was the greatest storyteller to ever do it hand down

  • dumbOut

    royce will jump on anything em suggests.he’s just that typa dude.
    he did the same with budden on slaughterhouse.
    after it was announced that em & royce reconciled did you hear how many lines royce dropped on just about every song after that about him & em talking on the’s like….i get it.

  • downtown

    so fuckin true, thats the type of shit i live for

  • downtown

    ^talkin bout ace

  • $$$

    Imagine what today’s youth thinks of Em seeing him dominate these days with straight pop tracks.

  • chronwell

    Royce’s verse was the highlight.Get $, my dude! The keyboards and the arena rock vocalist the low lights.

  • WHAT!

    Rather hear this than “How To Love”. Now that shit’s soft.

  • thinking_cap

    Em did fall off. He def shits on underground fans rapping like this.

    And, How the fuck does this sound fit the concept of Bad Meets Evil?

    Hell the Sequel? WTF?? It’s damn pop sound??

  • McDiesel

    Yall are a bunch of whiny pussies – maybe it’s not pop enough for ya – I’ll tweet em and royce and see if they can sneak a leona lewis song on and throw wayne and pitbull and enrique on the song and have DJ Pauly D produce it! Who else in the rap game is putting out anything close to this again????? oh right no one. Bad Meets Evil June 14 – for the rest of you – NKOTBSB is coming out soon. ;)

  • UK Man

    Sorry, this is horrible.

  • marty mcfly

    Em – So what we gone rap about today cause im mad as fuck?

    Royce – I want to do a verse about how much I love you Em , I love you so much

    Em- You to man , I just want to see a sky full of lighters

    Royce – thats it !!! Get Bruno Mars on the phone

    Em – Im so mad Im gonna fucking scream !!!!!!!

    Royce – Lets do it for the underground cause every hour happy hour now , life is wacky now. I remember T pain didnt wanna do a song with me. Thats why I love U Em

    Em – ( practicing screaming his verse super fast ) This a show people how mad I am…

  • yeah

    The only gayer than this song is marty mcfly

  • yeah

    only thing*

  • Pauly Dee

    What would you know, UK Man? Most of Britian rap is terrible.

  • marty mcfly

    @ ?uestlove you dont know nothin about Masta Ace… STFU

  • Pauly Dee

    I seriously think Shake and Meka should somehow disable Marty’s posts on Eminem topics.

  • Pauly Dee

    I seriously think Shake and Meka should somehow disable Marty’s posts on Eminem topics….

  • Spike

    I hated love the way you lie when it came out, but it grew on me over time. I’m not sure this will grow on me though, Bruno Mars is fucking horrible. At least Rihanna has nice voice.

  • real deal

    Marty is the biggest fag troll I have ever seen, not because of what he says, but the fact this homo has time to check what people are saying about him all day and to post fucking essays. I bet he hasn’t tasted pussy since, well, never. peace you fucking bitch.

  • David

    Bruno Mars killed it.. In a bad way. The rest I can listen to, but Em just sounds sloppy lately.. Although that was a good verse.

  • marty mcfly

    Dont be mad at me cause Em picked this song , just put your lighters up and remember the good ol days when he used to rhyme the most craziest syllables you could put together. Come on sing it , SKY FULL OF LIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTEEERRRRSSS !!!! Laughing so hard im in tears…

  • deathlyhallowspt2

    sooooo bad

  • ShadyRoyce#1

    smh at the poeple hatin on this track, you’re not giving the EP a chance just because Shady put Bruno Mars on a track?, fucking haters I swear to god you always find something to try to hate the good rappers, just because one song is pop on the EP sounds pop doesn’t mean the whole thing will be, look at the fucking snippets on youtube you assholes the rest of the EP goes hard as usual, this is the only track like it you babies, listen to the lyrics in this song btw because they are still killing it, AND FINALLY FUCK YOU PRICKS FOR NOT LIKING THIS TRACK BECAUSE ROYCE WILL FINALLY GET THE FAME THAT HE DESERVES AND HAS DESERVED FOR THE LONGEST TIME, BECAUSE HE’S BETTER THAN 90% OF THE RADIO ANYWAYS, smh at the critics saying this is bad

  • MartyMcfly Is The Flyest Fag!

    …This is just sad, Marty. Go get laid, smoke some weed, watch sports, just do something…

  • SirCatalyst

    I love how if you don’t like the song, you’re hatin. WE JUST DON’T LIKE IT.

    Anyway, this sounds like a “Recovery” throw away. The beat and the hook are weak and poppy. The verses and song don’t fit the concept of Bad Meets Evil or the EP. Em is once again yelling and rapping fast…I’d rather hear the accent.

    I’m still buying the album but this song is terrible.

  • boywonda

    this shit sounds like they just put acapellas into a bruno mars song..

  • thinking_cap

    This is just my opinion, and it will probably get flagged because people think its hating.

    It’s not just the fact that Em screams on all his records it’s his whole “new” flow that makes it wack. Its kinda like when Kayne switched up his flow, to try and fit in with mainstream southern rap. Sadly I don’t see Em changing his flow back just because of how mainstream artists deliver their rhymes now. SAD

    Please prove me wrong Marshall!

  • Pauly Dee

    No one is accusing anyone of hating. Except for Marty Mcfly. If you actually see his other posts on other Em topics, his shit can be truly qualified as hate. And I hate using that word.

  • TOrrent911

    i hate on everything


    cant wait till we can hear the 1st track on this album the snippet blew my speakers away
    all the haters will be done

  • Pauly Dee

    And what fucking concept? They said when they announced this that the EP has no particular concept.

    (Also, I love how people get on Em’s dick for working with Bruno Mars, but Kanye proclaims that he makes pop music and has worked with many pop artist…)

  • Veezy

    Gay Meets Faggot

    People who defend this are fucking stupid.

  • SirCatalyst

    “And what fucking concept? They said when they announced this that the EP has no particular concept.”

    The EP is called “Hell: The Sequel”, the lead off song is called “Welcome to Hell”, and the group name is Bad Meets Evil; all as a throwback to the two crazy deranged renegades. It couldn’t be any easier to recognize a concept if it dressed up in a sundress.

  • DDP

    when south park makes childish unfunny jokes you guys applaud them on. when marty mcfly takes jabs at eminem u call him a troll. u stans are amazing. does it really bother u that much that he dont like em? like seriously….he’s just parodying eminem. ok he yells and he used to rap with an weird accent… so what let him joke. stop being so insecure.

  • ev

    I’m going to need a Bruno Mars hook on the Slaughterhouse single. They can rhyme about whatever they want, if it’s got a Bruno hook it’ll be a hit.

  • Pauly Dee

    You obviously don’t understand, DDP, that he GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO POST ON EVERY SINGLE EMINEM POST AND HATE ON EMINEM WITH NO RATIONAL REASONING! And who the hell mentioned South Park?

  • TOrrent911

    Grind Time Now presents: Isaac Vs Hindu Rock

  • Midwest

    This shit isnt gay, its a damn message.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok Pauly Dee , ill give Em this much. When it comes to that battle shit , Em upgraded that art cause I have to admit 95% of every battle rapper ive seen on the pro level is biting Ems old flow like crazy. Its crazy how people in that part of hip hop just act like they so dope that they invented that shit.

  • dddddsssss

    Jon Connor – Reppin 4 Flint

  • dddddsssssd

    Lazarus – “Too Much Pride”

  • The king

    Marty stop hating on em and then dick riding him you bi-polar faggot, YOU don’t know shit about anything. Do everybody a big favor and just stop trying to sound like you know anything about rap. Don’t compare rappers, dont comment on songs cause you write bad shit and still bump the song 10 times a day, and after you’re done that just admit that you’re gay . Come on Marty, it’s me your big bro. You can tell me and get it off your chest.

  • marty mcfly

    what , all this time and thats what you came up with? Stop it cause this song is still as bad as your attempt to say something smart back to me. Cyberspace Homothug trolls. SMH

  • marty mcfly

    Paula Dee , am I not merciful?

  • daman

    You guys hate anything mainstream. This website use to praise Bruno Mars. Its not like he is Kesha or somebody, he is actually pretty talented. I hate Love The Way You lie, but this song is g.ood

  • The king

    Marty the only troll on this site is you buddy. If there was a like and dislike button for this comment it would be likes=857 dislikes=1 (Marty mcfag’s vote). Go hate on something else Charlie sheen. Winning winning winning.

  • Answer Me!

    “Jayz and Kanye hear this shit they gone fall out laughing.”


    @MartyMcFly For The Win !!!

    As for song I agree with that wannabe-I-know-all-amateur producer @B_Lett’s feedback –

    “The song is okay as heck, but I don’t think Em and Royce really fit it. Someone like B.o.B or Lupe’s albums would’ve been a better fit.”

  • Stefan 136

    Roooofl @marty. that dialogue was spot-on.

  • Kwamé

    Eminem=masta ace flow,big L’s shock value,AZ’s multisyllab rhymes
    this sounds corny to me.

  • Look North Biatch

    ppl hatin on this are the same kids who always hate themselves.
    same kids listenin to whack ass chicks like J. Cole or Tyler the Bitch

  • Mos

    dont forget this c-section is only for haters. lol

  • prk

    People need to take a song for what it is. If you dont like it there is always the option to skip it.

    this song is something i see not only getting spins, but bringing people into a place to listen to royce. Its mainstream but still appeals to his core fanbase.

    This is nothing more than a big bucket of win.

  • learn to appreciate emotion before you comment. You not convincing nobody with your comments, this song will be all over the radio and your going to hate it so much and I love that!

    Being frank…Sinatra!! said this on June 2nd, 2011 at 8:43 pm
    i dunno id say m.j or stevie, or marvin , or donny hathaway or otis redding, or curtis mayfield had emotion this is just sappy really sumthing for 14 year old girls to swoon over thats why the chorus sounds like every pop song b4 it “put ur lighters up” like we havent heard that b4 1000990999 times. the chorus and beat is generic cut and paste pop but em did go in lyrically.

  • Acid_Sav

    this song serves it’s purpose i guess, its not too bad but i know i’ll be completely sick of it as soon as it hits radio/TV etc.

    Y’all can praise Em as much as you want but the truth is he just ain’t what he used to be. Something is definitely lacking, I just cant put my finger on what it is. It’s that flow i think, its just completely off, it doesn’t sound right. Lyrically he’s still a beast but that flow needs to be fixed.

    Royce is always dope though.

  • LAsupreme

    You know who they shouldve put on the hook? Frank Ocean. Not be some OFWGKTA stan in the c-section but that dude’s real talented. I had his tape on replay in my iTunes. Odd Future actually real good. Dem niggas got bars. Tyler the weakest of the group but he get all the shine tho. Mike G, Earl and Hodgy are all way better lyricists than him. But back to this track, shits dope. Niggas call Bruno Mars gay but that nigga got a good voice, y’all niggas prolly never heard Liquor Store Blues. That shit fire. I want the whole project to drop doe, not seperate tracks. Them snippets sounded hella dope.

  • Filling

    This shit is gay as fuck with Bruno Mars WTF



  • mmkayy

    The only thing gayer than this song is marty mcfly

    yeah said this on June 2nd, 2011 at 10:24 pm


  • Space

    How could anyone REALLY hate on this song?
    fact is its made for radio.
    Hip Hop niggas r so narrow minded, if its a song that aint got nothing to do throwin money @bitches, doin drugs, shootin someone in the face or talking about what there wearing then its wack… shut the fuck up and learn to appreciate all elements of hip hop

  • amirhossssein

    all you haters! Em even responded you in this track
    “I wanna just say thanks cause your hate is what gave me the strength”

    BTW this song is what i was looking for since recovery !
    i’ve listened to this track 9 times in just 1 hour!
    i think it is goin to be a huge hit!

  • marcus

    i just don’t dig this song because my first Em album was The Slim Shady LP.

  • lm

    meh, nice for royce to get some attention though.

  • FakirWise

    This site is on a downfall. People are even coming here anymore for the music. They want what they want and don’t give the respect for anything else that doesn’t fit in that limited space. This track really isn’t for me either, but I’m not going to sit here and knock it. Too much ignorance in the air, shit is contagious.

  • Capitan Rivera

    I like royce but this is bullshit

  • prk


    so was mine and many others.. what point are you trying to make

  • fuck meka

    this is a little something I like to call “faggot shit”

  • Tay

    Retarded people. It’s a nice song, the rest of the EP will be monstrous, you can believe that. And for people saying Em keeps rappin the same flow and screaming, get over it, he kills his verses. When he tried to go back to the Slim Shady flow on Relapse, y’all was bitching about that. Underground was classic Em but y’all made him regret the album which actually wasnt that bad and then he kissed y’all ass all on Recovery to the point where he said Wayne & Ye could kill him in a battle, smh. Y’all asked for this rap style he is doing so if you don’t like then go play How To Love by way or whatever shit that is “suppose” to be hot. But Em & Royce keeping the heat coming.

  • Jay

    Yeah I don’t really think Em fits, but it also doesn’t sound mastered. We’ll see

  • LAsupreme

    ^FINALLY a nigga who GETS it. Damn. Relapse wasn’t wack at all. That shit was fire. Some of his so called ”fans” just don’t GET it.
    Never satisfied with what Em does. First complain bout the accent on Relapse, than on the pop shit on Recovery, now on the screaming on Bad Meets Evil? Like Jay-Z said. ”Niggas want my old shit, buy my old ALBUM” STOP BITCHIN!

  • TE

    Gay meets Gayest Bed: the sequel.

  • SirCatalyst

    @Tay & @LAsupreme

    Yo, I swear I’ve been the only one defending Relapse! His flows & rhyme structures throughout that album are INSANE. Then he kowtowed to the public and this angry, yelling, fast rap Em is what we got. I’m telling you, it’s like he can’t rap regularly now.

    I will always maintain that the Death Is Certain Royce & the Relapse Em would have made a PERFECT Bad Meets Evil album.

  • mrwill

    I ain’t diggin this at all. 2 dope rappers on a really weak song with a coooorny ass chorus.

  • ski

    there is no hope. bad meets evils huh? yeah this evil as fuck. i thought royce would bring out the real em.

  • TE

    Relapse was a good album. Recovery wasnt and neither is this.

  • Bruva

    The track sounds the same like any of those run-of-the-mill pop songs out there. This doesn’t go well with the raw delivery of the lyrics, too soft. I bet the clean version will get mad radio play, though. I’m not hating, I just don’t care for stuff like that.

  • Weakest shit ever…


    This is the gayest shit I ever heard!

    Bad Meets Evil?

    More like Gay Meets Faggot.

    I dont understand how anyone can defend this shit? Who are you people? Are you real people? Most cringe worthy song I have heard from Eminem. EVER!

    Enough with the fucking screaming alredy. It sound terrible.


  • Apatrop

    this shit is embarrassing

  • Haterzgonnahate

    Sad thing is, all ya’ll haters can hate but he’s making money and will continue to make money. Good game, judge him all you want but to be frank, he probably doesnt even know your hating and probably doesn’t care.

  • Veezyy


    What kind of ignorant nigga/wigga mentality is that? Making money is not a valid excuse for making HORRIBLE music!

  • weak as fuck.

  • Pauly Dee

    Honestly, put yourself in Em and Royce’s position. Royce needs to be pushed into the mainstream so that Slaughterhouse can be pushed and they can pay their bills. Em is trying to save Hip Hop from the current state that it is in and bringing up Slaughterhouse will bring SR higher and lyricism will be treated as normal again in the culture.

    At the end of the day, Eminem doesn’t need you “fans” approval of this song or the EP. At the end of the day, he still has the support of most of his followers. At the end of the day, he still has respect from a BIG percent of the Hip Hop community. At the end of the day, he still has the money to put food on the table for Hailie and his other children.

  • Gunnstarr213

    You fucks aren’t fans…smh.. This song is nice.. These two have evolved from who they used to be.. They aren’t always going to be the same all the time because they mature more and more everyday and they speak and spit about different shit this time around.. All you guys do is be picky for no fucking reason.. you guys really don’t know music..smh

  • Joz

    Marty Mc Biaaaatch, UKNOW im SAYIN?

  • You koons are stupid

    I know this will be a smash because every potential radio song that gets dissed in the comments on here becomes a hit!!!

  • j

    I agree with Shake – Props to Royce for his long overdue success

  • J.O

    yea Eminem DEF. has more fans than ppl who don’t like him so they gone be good! when most ppl talk about Eminem its usually the negative stuff we hear but dude has done alot for hip-hop in general from radio, commercials, and making other artist famous.not to mentioned the charity stuff that NEVER gets press… but on top of all that he can actually rap!! lyrics aside Eminem has become just as influential as any other rapper ever. I think when its all said and done we can say dude was a Icon! agree?

  • gooo

    I agree with Pauly Dee and J.O

  • eurymick

    Mainstream hip-hop right now is like 80’s arena rock. It’s all about over the top choruses/hooks and completely unnecessary & corny beats….. Shit needs to change and soon.

  • tylerg

    Wow. Eminem makes one fucking song that is obviously mainstream and now everyone hates Em. Fuck rap fans, you’re incompetent. The snippet shows that the album will be full of classic Bad Meets Evil shit, open your fucking eyes for a second and see that this was a smart decision for sales and spins, fuck y’all

  • Ja Rule

    What the fuck? Is this christian rap? I couldn’t focus on the lyrics after that pathetic intro and hook. I had to turn it down so nobody would think I was gay.

    Who is the target audience? Sales? The only people paying for music these days are old school. Who can relate to this shit?

  • Pauly Dee

    @Ja Rule

    1. If you couldn’t fastforward through the hook and didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, you most likely think Gucci Mane is the Best Alive. Just sayin
    2. So it’s gay to express your feelings and have any other emotion other than “OMG!!1 I’m so fuckin’ angry! I’m gonna burn shit!”.
    3. Obviously, the target audience is the mainstream.
    4. That’s not true, because a lot of people I know still buy physical albums and download from Itunes.
    5. People that are in depressions, in a hard place in their lives, people that have had to give up everything. Otherwise known as EVERY AMERICAN IN OUR RECESSION.

  • dakota

    i seen a comment saying something like WTF em, i thought this was supposed to be for the fans, and your not supposed to sell out. um he didnt.. when recovery came out, he said he was reaching new fans. so this is for the recovery fans and everybody before that to. its for the fans.. all of them, weather u like it or not.

  • donut

    Sweeping emotional score here! I throughly enjoyed the balance between Eminem’s aggressive juxtaposition against Royce’s thoughtful prose! ;)

  • fags

    All the critics on here crack me up. Eminem is worth what 150 million dollars. who the fuck are you? a 16 year old pot head that thinks he knows what “dope” rap is. shut the fuck up dip shits. Eminem does shit for his fans, not haters. so your opinion isn’t going to matter anyways. I’m not even going to give my opinion, I just hate this website because it enables every single idiot to come on and bash song after song. guess what,you’re sitting in your mom’s double wide in front of your family computer with your porn site minimized,listening to this track, while em and royce make millions off it. so instead criticizing the music, either listen and appreciate, or maximize your porn site and go make a spanky because no one wants to hear you hate.

  • I hate how the ones disliking this song are the only ones commenting.


    chill people, its one song. i admit it shouldn’t be on the album, but the rest of the album is just amazing.