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Chris Webby – Block to the Burbs f. Freeway

blame it on Shake June 2, 2011

Off Chris’ Webster’s Laboratory mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby – Block to the Burbs f. Freeway (prod. The Astronauts) | Alt

  • Pugz

    haters… thumbs up all the way webby.

  • Doc Rovers

    im a chris webby fan but overall this mixtape was nothing special. really got my hopes up i was pumped for this

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    I liked Webster’s Revenge and his Intro, but other than that… this shit made me sleepy. Kid’s stepped up his lyrical content but his voice is just getting more and MORE annoying.

    Besides… Mac Miller >>>>>>>>>> Chris Webby. Webby wins lyrically, but Mac will forever get more ears listening. MOST DOPE.

  • Nas is Like

    i came here to hate, but ended up givin it a thumbs up. i fuggs with this.

  • efed

    his voice 1st off isnt a voice made to be listened to and second of all only white kids and people from long island fucks with this shit

  • sean

    haters gunna hate. his lyrics are dope

  • Coochie Mane

    I love the ignorance of people who say something like “only white people listen to this” or “aint no one from the hood gonna bump this.” I guess that you are the speaker for all the non-white people.

  • abc

    Hm..so Chris Webby is characterized as white people music and Gucci Mane is black people music. I’m gonna move to a white town.

  • Why was race even brought into this discussion? BTW this song was pretty weak

  • (l,k)

    you literally posted the weakest song on the tape, are you trying to set him up for failure? lol. i think he’s pretty good but his voice is corny and tough to listen to for very long

  • don’t matter

    a voice is a voice… if the person is tight lyrically and can flow, as long as their voice ain’t cracking or anything, who cares what it sounds like? if it gets your head boppin’ that’s all that matters. people talkin’ about race and voice are just fucking stupid. if you never saw what the kid looked like you fucking haters would easily want to know more about the kid. fux w webby, dudes grindin and he’s on blogs for a reason. support the dude, its a chill song.

  • doesn’t matter 2

    people needa get used to white rappers. webby, mac miller, etc. are just the start of what’s to come in the future. hip hop is a popular genre and it CERTAINLY is growing. musics always changing and if you can make dope shit, it don’t matter if you’re green or blue. people, especially on this blog, enjoy hating on white kids and i personally believe it’s because you’re not in their position (recording in legit studios, having your tracks posted on blogs, performing consistently, etc.). wanna be? step your shit up you fucking punks.

  • don’t matter 3

    BTW, the picture/cover is ill. dope ass artwork. no wonder why he’s gettin’ hated on, he NICE!

  • DK

    Don’t agree with the white people thing but Long Island makes up the majority of his fanbase

  • Rezo

    Complaining about his voice? Oh yeah like Em’s voice wasn’t annoying or anything on the Slim Shady LP right? Which happened to sell how many million? Shut the fuck up!

  • Stefan 136

    How the fuck people gonna take names that’s already established?

    DJ ILL WILL? you fucking serious???? SMFH
    CHRIS WEBBY, a lil too similar to b-baller Chris Webber, C-Webb etcetera, that’s also making music?
    Same thing with that new “Preemo” dude….

    Y’all are breaking the code something major. SMFH once again

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    No, Em’s voice was bearable… Webby’s is about as annoying as Lil Boosie’s voice. It’s like an irritating gnat buzzing near your ear… THAT annoying!

  • anyway we can get this track without webby & ill will? shit would be dope if it was just free.

  • andosca

    haha haters … check monster ft apathy from AOTP, temper temper, can’t kill the beast and tell me webby isn’t nice.. or maybe go to some old tapes

    fucking race means nothing.. this dude has lyrics for days

    oh and if he’s so bad how the fuck did he crash datpiff 2x on his last 2 mixtapes?


    CHRIS WEBBY WEBSTER WILL PWN ALL NOOBS LIFESTYLES. he is on that level with Mac Miller and Machine Gun Kelly. NEVER FORGET THAT KIDS


    CHRIS WEBBY WEBSTER WILL PWN ALL NOOB SOULS. he is on that level with Machine Gun Kelly and Mac Miller. NEVER FORGET THAT KIDS

  • bzo

    you must have missed the call that stated machine gun kelly blows and mac is already passed his prime