• $$$

    Cover's don't do shit for me. Write your own songs and I'll give you props.

  • smokeblunts all day

    It's catchy, I'll give them that.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Billy

    they usually do better than the original.
    that happened again here.

  • RSX

    Was about to say I liked this one until the chorus came on and the bass was not super.

  • jaydeeIL

    they need to put out a mixtage of their covers.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tootalented21 Talented

    Yo she can sing, s/o to ?uestlove but ole girl is tough on the vocals

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    am i the only one that's gonna recognize how fine this dime is?? fo realzz

  • do ur OWN SHIT

    @$$$ "Cover’s don’t do shit for me. Write your own songs and I’ll give you props."

    I agree , because the song is already a good song .
    but normally people that do youtube covers , dont have or know how to compose their own good Original songs .

    Props to the writers Nicki and ESTHER DEAN!!

  • carebear

    they do write their own songs. they have one youtube channel for covers and another for originals.