KiD CuDi - Maniac f. Cage (Trailer)

Short preview of KiD CuDi's "next" video. Once again, directed by Shia LaBeouf.

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  • theyseemetrollin


  • damus

    10.31.11? Jesus.. I've already forgotten about this CD already.

  • David

    Prolly my favorite track off MOTM 2. But I had a different vision in my head.. Lets hope the skinny kid doesn't screw it up like that boring Marijuana video.

  • KnuckleHeads2

    WE WANT MORE!!!!

  • Tiiz

    October?! GTFOH!

  • Dino

    this is fuckin retarded. a video scheduled to release in October ir pointless.

  • DT123

    Its not a music video. He said it'll be a short film with all new music.

  • WeOutBiiiitch
  • MrKnowItAll

    First of all idk why they are making such a big deal that Shia LeBouf is directing this. Directing a music video is not hard. Its mainly up to the cinematographer and the editor. All the director really does is sit down with the artist and ask what are they ideas they want to portray and from they they decide what shots to take. And as far as it not being a music video and more of a short film..... just remember... DJ Khaled supposedly makes "movies" too

  • stones

    I'm a Cudi fan but the first video sucked.

  • Frances

    Okay I'll just chill here and wait five months for the full video..smh. wack ass preview

  • j. anaya @ CLOUT Magazine

    "see ya man got a deal and yall look just like quo" .....a lil message for real reserch kids...


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