• killa


  • godsOfRap

    black sunn and 810 are dope

  • killa

    first!!! also

  • http://18points.com Richard C.

    First? Maybe? Man, I never really comment here but these artists you are showcasing are banana's! The young lady is killin it and the brothers with the old souls are genius. Thanks for putting me on...

  • http://lyriciss.bandcamp.com Lyriciss

    Congrats to my girl L.A. and the homies 810 & Black Sunn. Glad to see people I truly support progressing.

  • johnny

    im really not impressed with either of them. i kno high school kids more prolific then both.

  • http://wordington.tumblr.com johnny

    heres a link to them. take a listen and tell me if im wrong http://royalgutterfam.tumblr.com/

  • AFriendOfDaveNavarro

    Against my better judgement johnny I decided to give this royal gutter family a listen, and that my melody song was BOOTY, and the beat to true grit was annoying as fuck! GTFOH with them being better than the black sunn & 810...

  • Meka Max

    man L.A is soooooooooo Ill the other dudes were dope to but LA just had so much to say I got chills

  • Meka Max

    what's L.A.'s contact info

  • ActionBastard

    @johnny You're wrong

  • Vlad