Mark Morrison – B’Day f. Trina (Video)

blame it on Meka June 3, 2011

Director: Gil Green

Zo! and Phonte are doing Mark Morrison better than Mark Morrison is doing Mark Morrison. This is just… what the hell is that on his head?

  • Nafemans

    I think its a stocking cap, and what the fuck is this bullshit? Auto tune return of the mack=horseshit

  • B. Emerson 909

    This is up there with that Rebecca Black shit

  • marty mcfly

    Now im really laughing , this video is killing me. Return of the Mack is the Pimp anthem though.

  • moolaguap

    nigga looks like shrek

  • Sounds good, not sure what everyone is talking about.

  • abusaud

    I know I’m not the only hearing Roger Troutman on this.

  • JayFocus

    This has Mark Morrison and Trina, why the fuck are you posting this, half assed’ly trying to make fun of it at the same time. You a faggot nigga just for posting it… don’t try to call this video out when you, Meka, are the fucking moron.


    Meka, honestly, stop. cease and desist. You’ve been posting nothing but non-sense and bulshit for the last few weeks. Either step it or of fucking stop all together. You haven’t posted ONE worth while posting in weeks and your verbage is beyond horrible to read. Zo and phonte are doing mark better then mark is doing mark. Really? That’s all you could come up with as a columnist… dude you have no future in this shit. Copy and pasting info is not going to ‘cut’ it sir. Honestly, this is not hate, its fact from a daily visitor. You are doing very bad lately.

    STOP OR STEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Papa Shango

    wtf this aint return of the mack. this is fucking embarrassing.

  • Matt

    This should be a “Random Act of F*ckery”

  • Brenton

    in the uk they have a different version with Warren G thats slightly better.


  • FreeBoosie56

    not bad. very cliche. trina talkin about the million dollars she clearly doesnt have as usual. wat happen to da baddest bitch?

  • Stimpson

    This song came out last year

  • @Stimpson


  • D-rob

    WTF is this?? You go away for 20 yrs and come back with this? And WTF is on his head???

  • AS


  • javiar

    Trina needs to stop tha filipino comparasoms.shes sold out doing commercial ish with diddy, and tried claiming latino heritage just to get accepted by white TV…»Fail

  • Jonesy Stark

    Damn, folk…this some sad shit

  • DAN

    this looks old, look at trina.

  • birthday

    $WonDough$ in this Bitc…get used to me

  • yungunna

    LoLa Monroe>>>>>Trina, thats just a million dollar whore for sure

  • stones

    this is beyond horrible in everyway.


    I say hang up the MACK – there’s no way forward from this…I hear Mcdonalds are after some new staff – why not try that instead.

  • DoughBoi561

    That MacDonalds joke is so 2001,and if J.D. produced this it would be ill right? im sick of ure bullshit. sosodead. Im not feelin the beat on this song but its not that bad.

  • KanDoll

    It’s pretty tight to me.

  • KanDoll

    @yungunna Lola Monroe is over rated. Sorry to burst the bubble.


    @DoughBoi561 Still upset that Livewire merked Vado? FYI Lola is garb, she needs to STICK to Modelling.

  • franzcas

    song is alright video cheesy return of the mack i dont think so

  • Tw1st

    It looks like Mark really did lose his Mack. He’s wearing short sleeved top now. Why autotune when you have a decent voice? Artists need to wake the fuck up.

  • LilBreezy

    still got a good voice, return of the mack was my shit back n the dayz

  • RhyanD

    The best part about this video, is when he wraps it up at the end. No originality whatsoever.

  • Renzo


  • Nutt$o

    Warren g suited it last year cause its west coast style track. the video and trina ruins it for me. i would have traded in Wazza for Ludacris he suits west coastin.

  • nabzz

    The track itself is hot. The video could have been more original though. People partying? Big deal. Where’s the cake and confetti?

  • kingbinky

    they should have droped the video last July because I remember sway and tech were playing this a lot on the wake up show.


    Wtf does a box with 4 brouds in have to do with a birthday?

  • 221

    This nugga got paid to do this by the champaine company….

  • LordSinister

    Dont understand the slack this is getting. So what the video is low budget. The song is fire to me, I used to play it DJing last year.

  • KyaDill

    The video isnt even about a Birthday ? Trina’s usual spoffil about her wealth and Mark who? WTF is this tardship!

  • gobione

    nigga please

  • d12warrior

    okey so at least we know theres no harm in give the club owner few hundred bucks to close his club for a night to shoot a video.

  • KaniBus

    wack…first hooker to be a millionaire..!!!