Raekwon Cooking Up In the Kitchen With Buckwild

blame it on JES7 June 5, 2011

Can. Not. Wait. To hear this.

  • TrueHopTunes

    Respect to the god Raekwon. Real cuz, yeah he 40 years old, but he’s doesn’t try to be the mainstream anymore, desperately try to stay “relevant” for no reason, and take up and the space that a young cat from this era could be having. Like some other old as rapper I know (cough, Jay-Z, cough) killing hip hop and help stopping it from progressing.

  • thuglife

    Was this trash worth a post?

  • You mad?

  • Billy

    TrueHopTunes< please name sum NY cats he is actually holding back…so ur saying all it takes for lets say…loyd banks to go platinum is for raekwon of all people to retire? think for a second.

  • marty mcfly

    @TrueHopTunes STFU , Jayz aint put out a album in almost 2 years and he cosigned Drake , signed J cole , Jay Electronica and his sharing mic time on a album with Kanye. So actually hes one of the only people actively trying to progress hip hop. The whole time Drake was moving his album , Hov stayed quite except for his verse on the album.

  • marty mcfly

    @Billy Cosign , its a shame when one MC is so dope the perception is he has to leave the table so other MCs can eat.

  • Billy

    *Jay z of all people

  • marty mcfly

    Back to Raekwon though , he does a good job of creating a lane for himself that nobody else can fit in. Just saying , now im gonna break out the purple tape and some other kind of purple. Good day

  • complex

    Raekwon played out fuck that fat fuck. The time has come for Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar and other yung cats to take over.

  • TrueHopTunes

    WTF are y’all talking about? What other rapper from Jay-Z’s era do you know that’s still trying to make his albums go platinum, still looking for mainstream appeal, and still have his records spin on the radio all day with today’s mainstream artists (Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye West, etc.)???
    Why are does Jay-Z hop on EVERYBODYS album that’s popping? Like yo, fall back. Do like Nas and pop up here and there. Even someone in R&B like R. Kelly, who was like the face of his genre in the 90’s much like Jay-Z was to rap, keeps a low profile (although that might not be by choice) Don’t have your music promoted to be blasted on the airwaves all day like half of Blueprint 3 was.
    Someone like Raekwon is good because he’s signed with EMI, Jay-Z put his album out through Atlantic. Raekwon is not trying to get with a label that’s gonna push his music to the point where 15 year old kids across the country are gonna be singing his songs.

  • Nuff

    yeah my niggaz raekwon shallah always been dope nigga, except dat Justin Boober scandal nigggga uknowimsayin. da nigga Buckwild is dope too nigga, they would make blastin shit…JayZ turned out to a fag since he met kanye, however he’a OK just a lil bit. niiggah

  • Nasty Nas Nigga Just Like Us

    Chef da Raekwon Shallah

  • marty mcfly

    @TrueHopTunes , Jayz cant help the fact that he makes good albums. Hes tried to retire but then people make trash music so he gotta come back out again plus he doesnt even write songs , they just come to him off the dome so is he not suppose to record them and put them out? When you make songs like Empire State of Mind , its gonna blow up cause you cant stop a song like that from becoming huge. Almost all his albums come out number one and thats cause hes just dope not because hes chasing anything.

  • TheLogicalMotherfucker

    Fucking dumbasses, who’s still making bank? Not saying anything against Raekwon but which one of you is going to turn down millions of dollars every year solely so someone else can get that money. Jay thinks he deserves that money so don’t fuck with him for being on his grind, it’s not like being real hip hop fans you guys won’t just listen to the best music and who gives a fuck about everyone else.

    Sidenote, this made me happy to see.

  • TrueHopTunes

    ^Dude, go back and read what I said. What other rapper from Jay-Z’s era is still trying to be a rap superstar? and this…”which one of you is going to turn down millions of dollars every year solely so someone else can get the money”. dude you are proving my point. JAY-Z HAS ENOUGH MONEY, HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED! Dude is greedy! So why not take the money? Let someone else eat! dam I don’t see Nas, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Method Man, Redman, Busta Rhymes, etc still trying to be all of the TV!

  • marty mcfly

    Jay aint rapping for money hes rapping for his legacy and because he holds hip hop in his hands. Other people make hip hop albums , Jay makes hip hop important. People in the business world look at rappers and rap music as the dumbest shit someone can do. When Jayz comes , they have to respect it because hes not a kid , hes a business man and his music is no joke. All genres of music respects their older artists. Hip hop is the only form of music that looks at being a successful adult as not keeping it real. Jayz makes you respect the real cause hes one of the last true gangsta rappers left. Im done

  • TrueHopTunes

    @marty mcfly… ok using that logic, so Jay-Z is the only one from the 90’s (his era) that’s still putting out dope albums. So Raekwon’s last 2 albums weren’t dope? Oh and so, he came out of retirement cuz people was making trash music? Yeah, in the mainstream obviously. So there were no other artists out in 2005 that were making dope shxt. haha please! Just stop letting the industry control your thoughts about everything.

  • marty mcfly

    Hip hop is not built to stay underground , Raekwon did not effect radio. Hip Hop is a multi billion dollar business. If artists kept all their music underground the culture would eventually die. Underground music only makes enough money to feed the artists who made it. Commercial music makes enough money for artists to build an empire. Keep in mind Wu tang is not underground , they are a multi million dollar enterprise. Almost all the members of Wu tang have made commercial songs that have blown up.

  • marty mcfly

    I meant Raekwons last album didnt effect Radio.

  • Spike

    Jay is still going plat because he has been the only one from the 90s who’s been ABLE to adapt to the new generation. Other rappers come and go and have their time, but Jay has been able to switch up his style. You really think other rappers haven’t TRIED to adapt like Jay? (Rappers like Snoop, Busta and Method Man who’ve made some wack commercial albums come to mind). You really think other rappers wouldn’t WANT to adapt and maintain their dominance? That’s crazy talk.

  • TrueHopTunes

    ^No, you thinking all that is crazy. Dude, it’s all about who the higher power wants to be relevant. Adapting to the new generation is just a nice way of saying selling out.
    The Blueprint 3 was completely pop and geared to please the same fans who listen to Lil’ Wayne. Jay-Z himself said he hasn’t even been trying in his raps for awhile. So he’s compromising his skill and art craft for a check he doesn’t need and a legacy that’s already been built? yeah, pretty much.
    And of course other rappers would like to maintain dominance, but not at the expensive of their craft! Like I said, it’s all about what they choose to promote. Someone like Snoop who you mentioned, his last 2 albums came out on EMI. Had they came out on Atlantic, he would be in the same position as Jay-Z is! Not saying that he’s not already, just saying in the eyes of fickle as fans

  • marty mcfly

    Rolling stone says Snoop is actually more influential then Jay z so its no need to bring up Snoop because unless you can appreciate his albums then you really dont know how dope he is. Jay isnt compromising is art because making an album like American Gangsta or BP3 is not easy to do. Jay took more risks on BP3 then hes ever takin on any other album. One to the Next aint even a rap beat its some techno shit and most of the other songs are far more complex then people realize.

  • TrueHopTunes

    ^Yeah, I only used Snoop as an example cuz Spike brought him up. I actually agree that Snoop is has been more influential, I don’t need Rolling Stone to tell me that.
    And I think Jay-Z hopping on some techno shxt like On to the Next One is compromising his self for the mainstream. He’s Jay-Z, he has all the power and influence right?
    Why not give the label a classic hip hop record to spin instead? Cuz he can’t cuz if did, the label wouldn’t go for it, thus not be on the radio, and he would be in the same boat as all the other 90’s rappers. Just stating facts.

  • marty mcfly

    But Jay doesnt have to answer to any labels because his career shows hes on top of his game. His last album had D.O.A ( influencing people to stop always using autotunes ) Then he made Empire which many people consider a NY city classic so I dont get where your coming from. D.O.A and Run this town are not just geared to please radio.

  • Unxpekted

    I need to make a confession I thought hip hop was dead until I heard Elzhis project, Royces shit and Bad vs. Evil, and all the other underground greatness. Now this! Im loving it

    Site went from a Asher Roth covered Gucci Mane posting boringness of a site to straight real hip hop. Loving it! Keep up the great work and don’t revert!

  • wu/bbc collabo album really gunna happen!?!?!

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