• LazyEyedWonder

    Wow ...This is going to be incredible.

  • Tto

    it's a bomb, obviously.

  • http://yahoo BookOfEli

    His Mask?

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    Jesus this is good marketing.. I want to buy this really badly for some reason..

  • thinker

    chopped off dick?

  • Tone Riggz

    It's probably empty...The Madvillain robs the people yet again!

  • Joe R.

    I want this to be dope...but it will probably be a wack t-shirt and a corny poster in the box.

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    doubt its a shirt because then they'd need sizes, I think a watch sounds about right and seems about the right price too.

  • Trin

    A mask and a madvillain 2 demo really short snippets of new stuff and the previous released songs avalanche/ victory lap and paper mill. Most likely nothing that we have already seen because they just did the lunchbox re issue.

  • Sof

    this is gonna be so goddamn sick i cannot believe this shittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im prayin its chopped off dick...? wtf?

  • datnbakid

    Damnn I really got excited cuz I thought this was a new MF track.....

  • Don_Demarco

    Why do I have to be broke whenever cool stuff comes out? DOOM is one of my favorite artists.

  • SirCatalyst

    I must buy this. Mystery boxes always beckon me.

  • Diesal

    Damn I gotta get me this!!! Christmas came early this year!!!!!

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    it's an embarrassing photo of spongebob at the christmas party! AHAHAH

  • Musikfiend

    @Tone Riggz

    Exactly what i was thinkin. People would be hella pissd, LOL. I got geeked up for nothin though i thought it was a new track for a second.

  • http://oneking.tumblr.com KING

    Man I wanna get this. Only 3 hours left to decide. I hope it's not some bullshit.

  • http://oneking.tumblr.com KING

    I pulled the trigger. Fuck it.

  • SirCatalyst

    Yea, I bought it too. If I don't like it, there's always eBay.

  • SirCatalyst

    Got a weird mix of questions last night. Answered and the response email just said "Thanks for your response."

    This is intriguing.

  • http://aol.com z Dub

    ^ Might be a shirt? The weird array of questions might be to throw you off and the only relevant one was probably "What Size Are You?"