DOOM x Akomplice

blame it on Shake June 6, 2011

On June 8th DOOM and Akomplice Clothing are linking up for a “surprise” release.

DOOM and Akomplice have come together to release one of the most innovative and intriguing collabs of the year. The release is being kept a mystery, just like DOOM’s identity is. The project will only be available for purchase for a 1-day (24-hour) window on June 8th. The crate, which is nailed shut, features Ak / DOOM logos laser-inscribed on its lid and comes with a custom designed steel crowbar to pry open the mini crate. The project is available exclusively at the Akomplice online store. The contents of the box will not be revealed to those who have purchased it until delivered and opened. Knowing DOOM and Akomplice, this is sure to be an interesting surprise.

Hit the jump for a preview.

Based on the title of the collab, I’d say it’s a watch. Any other guesses?

  • LazyEyedWonder

    Wow …This is going to be incredible.

  • Tto

    it’s a bomb, obviously.

  • His Mask?

  • Jesus this is good marketing.. I want to buy this really badly for some reason..

  • thinker

    chopped off dick?

  • Tone Riggz

    It’s probably empty…The Madvillain robs the people yet again!

  • Joe R.

    I want this to be dope…but it will probably be a wack t-shirt and a corny poster in the box.

  • doubt its a shirt because then they’d need sizes, I think a watch sounds about right and seems about the right price too.

  • Trin

    A mask and a madvillain 2 demo really short snippets of new stuff and the previous released songs avalanche/ victory lap and paper mill. Most likely nothing that we have already seen because they just did the lunchbox re issue.

  • Sof

    this is gonna be so goddamn sick i cannot believe this shittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im prayin its chopped off dick…? wtf?

  • datnbakid

    Damnn I really got excited cuz I thought this was a new MF track…..

  • Don_Demarco

    Why do I have to be broke whenever cool stuff comes out? DOOM is one of my favorite artists.

  • SirCatalyst

    I must buy this. Mystery boxes always beckon me.

  • Diesal

    Damn I gotta get me this!!! Christmas came early this year!!!!!

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    it’s an embarrassing photo of spongebob at the christmas party! AHAHAH

  • Musikfiend

    @Tone Riggz

    Exactly what i was thinkin. People would be hella pissd, LOL. I got geeked up for nothin though i thought it was a new track for a second.

  • Man I wanna get this. Only 3 hours left to decide. I hope it’s not some bullshit.

  • I pulled the trigger. Fuck it.

  • SirCatalyst

    Yea, I bought it too. If I don’t like it, there’s always eBay.

  • SirCatalyst

    Got a weird mix of questions last night. Answered and the response email just said “Thanks for your response.”

    This is intriguing.

  • ^ Might be a shirt? The weird array of questions might be to throw you off and the only relevant one was probably “What Size Are You?”