Big Sean – Finally Famous: The Album (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake June 7, 2011

With the release date to his debut album just around the corner (June 28th), Complex reveals the official tracklist (with production credits).

01 Intro (prod. Kevin Randolph, Key Wane)
02 I Do It (prod. No I.D., The Legendary Traxster)
03 My Last f. Chris Brown (prod. No I.D.)
04 Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (prod. No I.D.)
05 Wait For Me f. Lupe Fiasco (prod. No I.D., Exile)
06 Marvin & Chardonnay f. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash (prod. Pop Wansel, Mike Dean)
07 Dance (A$$) (prod. Da Internz)
08 Get It (DT) f Pharrell (prod. The Neptunes)
09 Memories pt.2 f. John Legend (prod. No I.D.)
10 High f. Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang (prod. Xaphoon Jones)
11 Live This Life f. The-Dream (prod. No I.D.)
12 So Much More (prod. No I.D.)
13 What Goes Around (prod. No I.D.) [Bonus]
14 Celebrity f. Dwele (prod. Filthy Rockwell, No I.D.) [Bonus]
15 My House (prod. Boi-1da) [Bonus]
16 100 Keys f. Rick Ross & Pusha T (prod. WrighTrax Productions) [Bonus]

Big Sean also revealed that he has a Common/Nas collab that he’s holding onto until his Sophomore album.

  • wana hear track 16!!!
    big sean has been around for a while but im just not sure how well he is known outside of the internets, but he does have a lot of ppl who claim their fans..lets see if they support when the album comes out.

  • Tyree

    Shit looks like Hot Diarrhea.

  • bigwill48

    Look at all that No I.D. production. Everyone buy this.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    Can’t wait for this shit to hit the streets… Big Sean reppin’ that G.O.O.D. Music, nigga!

  • yeah

    Big Sean talking about keys with Ross and Pusha?? Fuck out of here. This dude’s lame.

  • Ripcity89

    Where the hell is donald trump?!

  • ^^^^^^ Your a dumb ass

  • LM

    lu, no. id and exile?

    I want that now

  • ^ Get It (DT) Feat. Pharrell

    I’m assuming the DT stands for Donald Trump…b/c I’m clever like that.

  • QuickFlips

    Exile!! might have to peep this

  • Joey

    No Kanye production?

  • Uncle Ruckus’ Nephew

    Track 5 is the only thing I’m looking forward to. Lupe, No ID and Exile…

  • Shagnasty23

    The Exile cut caught me off guard

  • TrueHopTunes

    LMAO hahah ROTFL lol lls LLAM….
    @ the last song, Big Sean doing a song with Pusha T and RICK ROSS called 100 Keys?!?!?!?! It’s bad enough that he he’s lowering his integrity by doing a song with the actor let alone it being a song called 100 KEYS. smh that alone might kill this album.
    *Follow @ ma_THT

  • ac

    wtf the Kanye track has roscoe dash…

  • Pauly Dee

    ^^ That surprised me too Joey. That AND the Rhoscoe Dash feature…

    (BTW, don’t waste your time with him. I mean, after that No Hands verse, I thought he had potential. But I heard his recent mixtape and it WAS GARBAGE. He is someone to go to if you want a hook that’ll attract the bitches.)

  • FFOE

    album is looking promising.. im a cop it

  • tgyhu

    no j cole damn. still cant wait

  • yeah

    This guy is just another Wiz Khalifa. No skill, and will be forgotten by next year.

  • Lupe Fiasco

    surprised yall posted this since I’m featured

  • If this shit flops kanye gonna be pissed haha
    U kno he’s paying for half these features..
    Like John legend can’t wait to here memories pt. 2 though

  • B. Emerson 909

    How obvious can tracks 10 & 16 get?

  • Fuckbigseasnickiwizandalltheothershittyrappersout

    It’s not like the album will be any good.

    It’ll be complete pure shit. Just like Finally Famous 1. And Finally Famous 2. And Finally Famous 3. Those mixtapes were all shit.

    His punchline flow is pure shit. His voice is even worse than Wiz Khadick. Worst nigga on Kanye’s Label and bottom 5 new rappers out now, along with Wiz, Nicki, Cudi & XV. And seriously being worse than Cudi is an accomplishment.

    Producers are shit too, No I.D. hasn’t been good ever since he made that shitty DOA track.

  • jayarra

    theres no way this is gunna be good. no way. big sean is fucking AWFUL. kids and their so called “rap” music these days. niggas dont even know what rap is. this shit right here, this shit right here nigga, is pop music. terrible wack ass pop music. i hope he proves me wrong tho. i really do

  • wedontbelieveyou

    haters always wait for someone to show up when they blow

  • Ho Lee Shit! I can’t believe the album is finally dropping (pun intended).

    The tracklist looks dope, most of the features like Dwele and John Legend are probably just handling the hook. I’m really looking forward to hearing what Big Sean can put together for an album.

    I heard he has atrack with Nas too. Nas doesnt fuck with just anyone obviously.

  • thatrealshit

    this albums gonna get a lot of spins with these features but i dont think seans that great honestly, his flow is wack and im sicka that punch line bullshit. punchlines r good when theres a message behind it but big sean just does punch lines for the sake of making punch lines it gets old quik

  • PhrayzerMusic

    this shit is crazy.. haters can hate but Sean is a very very good rapper. but these features and producers?!?! damn this should be a classic!

  • I understand wiz and maybe sean, but I can’t believe you think cudi and xv suck.

    Anyways, I’m starting to realize Big Sean never once raps about anything deep, I’ll still listen though

  • PhrayzerMusic

    @Mezme thats not true.. the first memories is alot deeper than most rappers “deep” songs. He’s no J cole or Jay Elect but Sean is a good ass rapper. and yea wiz is complete shit but XV? XV is so underrated

  • Pauly Dee

    That dude loses all respect…saying XV, one of the most creative of the newbies, sucks…

  • yedig

    dopeee…woulda been nice to see some Ye production ohhh and some spitter

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee you listened to a Roscoe Dash mixtape thinking he had potential? And you try to come out your face telling me about hip hop? HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! Silence >>>>> BME

  • birdman

    i like how everyone is like “oh my god the producer is SO good! like of my god!” white ass people be like oh this already make it good music. fuck no it dont! the beats might be good but that dont mean the lyrics are gunna be deep or good to make this good music. ive lost all hope in music these days except a small percentage of a few rappers

  • Angrous

    smh a lot of this dudes music comes off mad homo to me not hatin just sayin but provided it’s nothing like anything on lasers that song with exile and lupe will be nice damn near anything exile’s involved in is dope

  • daman

    100 keys, seans verse leaked awhile ago. Sean not rappin about sellin keys. So dont think thats what its about. youtube it.

  • @RetroSean_

    My nigga KeY Wane on the Intro #GoodShit Yall might not know KeY Wane yet but you will sooner than later

  • drftgyhu

    j cole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    smh a lot of this dudes music comes off mad homo to me not hatin just sayin


    My gaydar is on 10 with this dude.

  • the realest

    i am not a fan of big sean. that punchline rap shit is hella played out. but all those no i.d. productions. smh. hard to say its gonna be less than alright. also kanye put alotta stock in big sean. so idk.

    smh. damn. all those no i.d.’s. they could have went to someone with actual lyrical talent.

  • Blu

    Exile and Lupe


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  • Tw1sT

    no posner feature?

  • CrashGenius

    I hope thi shit is cold but I know it won’t be. The nigga is a good ass rapper, one of the best new niggas , but he can hardly make a song and really can’t make a cohesive mixtape. I doubt the album will bbe different

  • Hahahah

    @daman. I youtube’d the “100 keys” verse. Selling keys is EXACTLY what he’s talking about…. Did you listen….?

    Anyways, Big Sean kinda comes off corny to me sometimes, but i do enjoy his music and I’m glad to see after all this time being signed his major debut is finally seeing the limelight. Good for him. Hope it’s dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Im still on the fence about Big Sean cause alot of his music aint my thing but some of his songs are really dope like Final Hour , My Last , You , Tomorrow , Rollin and All Night. Dont know if his album will do good or not but I dont knock the hustle and I can tell Sean is trying hard so good luck to the Kid but I still think he put out a bit too much but hopefully that works for him.

  • Rio$

    it looks ok i guess…………cept for some fag tracks that i know im not gonna listen to

  • rap fans suck, just enjoy the fucking music… everyone’s a fucking critic

  • Pauly Dee

    @marty mcfly

    For his kind of rapper, RD’s verse on that particular song had people around me (that are MAJOR Jay and Ye fans) looking at him in a different way. That was, until, we looked at his mixtape, it was garbage and we began to think that Wale ghostwrote his verse. Cosign at the Big Sean thing though.
    (And wtf does BME have to do with anything on this post?)

  • dumbpeopleroundhere

    J COLE IS HOT GARBAGE u people are pitiful if u think j cole is a good rapper , lupe fiasco is a lil skater punk bitch wanna b white boi , so go fuck ur self if u like them

  • WTF! NO Nasir Jones feature!?!?!?!??! He said Nas was gonna be on it….I guess that track couldnt get the sample cleared or some shit….god dammit

  • DP

    true “hip hop” heads will always be the lamest niggas on earth. the same niggas that down big sean will be the same ones in the club singing my last with their girl. Tracklist looks cool though. I want to hear memories pt. 2 and the one with lupe.

  • marty mcfly


    Please go listen to Lupes Muhammad Walks and dont forget where Lupe came from ever again. I could name 20 Lupe songs that would leave your face on the floor.

  • DW

    @dumbpeopleroundhere He’s probably a Soulja Boy dick rider. But as far as the Finally Famous album, I’ll have to wait and see… not that big of a Big Sean fan but I’ll give it a listen. Track 5 seems like it’s gonna be good though.

  • Can’t wait to hear the end project. A lot of No I.D. beats on a project so I expect it to be fire.

  • DW

    *And tracks 8 & 9.

  • jwiiii

    consequence production probably given to him

  • protege

    kanye couldnt even give his artist one fucking beat? cmon now. no id’s production has always been overrated as fuck to me & his first single I DO IT dont prove otherwise. still will peep this tho. get at me ! @pros2ill

  • thinker

    i wanna beat the shit out of some of these commenters. yall dumb as FUCK

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @Tw1sT Exactly… didn’t he get his start with Mike Posner? But no feature… kinda sad.

  • xDesmond

    “Shit looks like Hot Diarrhea.”

    Can’t even read the rest of the comments after that *Dead*


  • [email protected] (marty=therealest)

    I’m just gonna skip the mixtape and get directly to the album. Cant take anymore mixtapes from big sean. I have to hear my home boy’s copy of the cd since hes a huge fan and listen to it to see if its worth buying. So far, im wasnt impressed w/ the first single My Last. I Do It is alright to me. No I.D. imo gave him some sub-par beats for both joints so seeing the majority of the album is produced by dude i hope he gave him beats more hard-hitting than the single tracks.

  • Woochie

    big sean>boring ass cole

  • Ducey

    finally famous over everything thats just how i feel bitch. big sean is a g.

  • This looks promising (despite the Roscoe Dash feature). I’m looking forward to listening to it.

  • jack

    idk what that kid is talking about if you heard anything from pusha T’s new mixtape you would get it. he was fire

  • my gay cousin be wit @dumbpeopleroundhere

    @dumbpeopleroundhere all that DICK YOU SUCK and you still got room to cum out ya mouf w/ that dumb ass shit.

  • markebee

    WTF is the point of hating? I don’t get it, if you don’t like him listen to someone you like. Fucking Idiots.

  • tha boss

    Finally Famous Nigga

  • boobietassel


  • kevonthabus

    5,10 are gonna be the tracks

  • DwapDwapPow

    @pros2ill is a fucking clown who listens to Mike Posner, no like really, this dude in all seriousness said Mike Posner weakest song>Kendrick Lamar whole Catlouge..

  • Flip

    Big sean verse on 100 keyz is dope as fuck…its been out for while….i feel like i been waiting a year for that track…Yall some haters, everyone knows rick ross aint pushing keyz now but yall still wanna dick ride…..big sean , kanye and dash its gonna be dope, you know dash is on the hook

  • loose

    this album is gunna be on POINT.

  • All these hating ass niggas man, gtf with all’at hating, Big Sean the shit, straight up!
    and if you don’t think so, then thats on you, all that negative ass hating ass energy dawg…

  • Jdiddy381

    Five bucks says that Common/Nas collab is that snippet that leaked a while ago.

  • C’mon. 16 tracks. 8 of them are featured. When is an artist gunna come out on his own strength. Why grind so hard in the mixtape game if you can’t hold your own on an album? Plus, paying all these heads for features? That shit is a waste of cash, time and a fanbase. As Nas once said…

    “Stand on your own two, I believe in you – believe in yourself – I dont even rep this.”

    Hopefully J.Cole’s tracklist wont be filled with a bunch of names. I’m getting sick of niggas pawning off featurettes as solo albums.

  • cam

    I’ll give it a listen just for beats &Features because I already know it’s just gonna be him spittin his wack ass punchlines like “I black out in the booth… Charcoal'” …

  • comeonson

    “Complex reveals” stfu . . . Big Sean dropped that shtt on his person wordpress dot com blog and the twitter and facebook

  • @marcusmiranda50

    I’ve been waiting for this to drop since I started listening to him in ’09. I remember him saying on mixtapes, “’09 I got you it’s coming this year.” I’m buying this album no matter how my opinion of him has changed more or less.

  • Damn he said he had a joint with Kanye called Pistons VS Bulls Wtf.Still can’t wait for the album though

  • 23

    Wow, this shit looks weak. smh

  • I DO IT!

    cant wait for this shit to LEAK! haha.

  • Cloud 9

    @dumbpeopleroundhere I Cannot Believe this nigga jus said that..aye yo dawg how many dicks can u fit in that mouth of yours. Ur Fuckin Favorite Rapper Listens To Lupe! How Tha Fuck Can U Say That Shit lmao go to sleep kid

  • @pros2ill is a fucking clown who listens to Mike Posner, no like really, this dude in all seriousness said Mike Posner weakest song>Kendrick Lamar whole Catlouge..

    DwapDwapPow said this on June 8th, 2011 at 12:19 am

    ^^^^yo i remember that shit lol he had the audacity the comment that on kendrick’s high power video too smh. Far as im concerned dude lost all credibility on anything hip hop from that point on.

  • shit looks dope.
    no need for the hate.
    yall are just gonna download it for free anyway.

  • mike

    The hate is crazy finna buy this album just to hear you haters cry, 100 keys gonna be a banga & his flow gonna be crazy on that lupe track & pharrel track

  • cb

    Kanye needs to jump on a few tracks or at least produce for this guy. Anyone else think this is a good idea?

  • LAsupreme

    daaamn this shit is legit as FUCK! Lupe on it I can’t wait for this to drop. That 100 keys already had a snippet leaked way back shit is hella dope. Boiii dope album.

  • Please support the album when it comes out, but for you fiends Finally Famous the album did leak
    Big Sean Finally Famous The Album (Leak)

  • quality

    Guess the site is getting over the Lupe incident…
    Lupe and Exile, sounds great but Im not sure how Big Sean works into that.. And Memories Pt. 2 should be pretty dope. If some of the solo tracks sound good, I’ll buy it.

  • Please support the album when it comes out, but for you fiends Finally Famous the album did leak
    Big Sean Finally Famous The Album (Leak)

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    I bet Shake’s looking forward to track 5…nah that was weak.

  • Some rap fan from da 831

    Is that leak legit?

  • ProductChris

    Wheres the Yeezy production?

  • gallisfidem

    how is the site getting over the Lupe incident? They can’t just let track 5 out of the tracklist or don’t mention Lupe lol…that comment was stupid.

  • Jay Stay Laced

    No one pointing out the irony of Kanye and Wiz on the same album? No? Okay.

  • NYhustlaz

    ^ makes 0 sence nigga.

  • Derrty D

    my boy exile finna see a big payday!!!!

  • FakirWise

    Why can’t you all just wait for the music?


    HATERS GON’ HATE AND FAGGOTS GON’ FAG. I love how clever all ya’ll haters think your comments are. we have a word we use where I’m from to describe all the haters in this c-section and it’s SALTY. if you don’t like this shit then kick fuckin’ rocks and go look at whatever bullshit you listen to

  • gustus

    FINALLY !!! Big Seans given us classic easy listenin for a while, with those productions this album is sure keep it comin …

  • jeff

    I heard its going to re-renamed Finally a Niggerfaggot

  • young gritz

    where the fuk is jackie muthafukin chain

  • larry

    if roscoe dash and wiz are on here u know this one is goin down the shitter, except track 5 should b fire


    Yo Every1 buy dis (NO I.D IS ALL OVER DIS ALBUM)

  • LAsupreme

    Roscoe Dash can make club bangers…niggas keep frontin in the C-Section. When the DJ was playing No Hands in the club I bet this nigga above me stepped away from the dancefloor and said ”Yo Fuck this I’ll wait till they spin some Wu Tang to dance with you shawty” and sat down in the corner of the club…..YEA RIGHT nigga. Stop frontin’ cuz you know you like that shit in the club, that’s what Roscoe Dash makes: Club MUSIC. Keyword : CLUB.

  • After hearing Big Sean’s “Supa Dupa”, I was kinda feeling his beat selection. Hopefully there’ll be some good beats on here.

    NEW @
    Backdoor to Chyna XXX REVIEW!!!


  • Attal

    Track 10. Chiddy Bang and Wiz!!

  • 7milebettermile

    lol at j.cole bum ass still no album out. big sean>j.cole boring ass. finally famou. watch a lot of niggas jump on the bandwagon when the album comes out lol.


    J Cole >> Big Sean.

    If Big Sean’s online marketing strategy is to alienate Cole fans, good luck selling more than 10K copies in the first week.

    This FFOE shit is the apetizer for Cole World.

    Ol’ breadsticks and salads, charm bracelet, that cant be from the mens section, sound like Fabolous, no Kanye production ass cats.

  • all i have 2 say is Finally Famous leak

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Did it really leak?!?!

  • WeSmokinOverHere

    Excited for drop but kayne couldn’t get on one track??? damn.

  • brianbrown

    How did it leak already?? Lol

  • trademark

    yo that link is legit so far pretty dope

  • gallisyo

    I like Cole but the nigga said his single was posed to drip 2 weeks ago nuffin hwppened…Shit gettin the detox/red album treatment.

  • melo15

    its not legit stop putting your wack music on this site no one cares

  • KB

    my favorite rapper listen to a song i did with him and 2bz is not letting it get on there site

  • realhiphop

    ^^yo i checked out the link and dude wasnt bad, its nice to hear some dope unknown hip hop, be opened minded, looked up the dude and didnt know they had talent like that in San Antonio. What ever it takes to get your music out there, you know how many submissions 2dbz gets every day? you dont know him so what are the odds if he posted it u would check it out? atleast this direction he gets a fair listen….knockin ppl down geez, honestly if u herd the whole thing and had a reason 2 say its wack fair enough but knockin dude down because it wasnt who u thought it was isnt right. Dude is Nice imo

  • UsualSuspect

    i love how people are buggin out about 100 keys.. first of all, it’s a bonus track. second, the chorus is “where i’m from they push 100 keys and it sound like…” and theres a crazy piano sample. fuckin idiots

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    This tracklist looks so insane. And the fact that we’re supposed to be getting a mixtape too is even better. Big Sean is about to take over my pc, my car, and my Zune for the next few weeks.

    And complaining about features? Really? Features give the album more life by hearing another rapper’s take the instrumental/subject matter. I’m betting some of those are chorus/hooks anyway (Chris Brown, Roscoe Dash, Pharrell, John Legend, The-Dream, and Dwele)

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    And 100 Keys has been around for awhile. I’ve had that since at least ’10.

  • This album is going to be trash just like Finally Famous 3 was. Big Sean has flow, but no lyrical content or subject matter. It’s all money and hoes, which was killed in the 90’s. Come up with something original and unique and not the same bull shit we’ve been hearing since Wayne.

    Twitter @alexledermeier

  • silence

    ^^^ listen to uknowbigsean

  • RaWLyPhiK

    fuck outta here! it will be a 6 out of ten at most….. shits G.O.O.D. music, it ain’t G.R.E.A.T. music NIGGA!

  • Woochie

    keep crying niggas big sean>j.cole.

  • Cameron

    This tracklist looks great. People saying that he can’t hold his own and needs features are dumb, big sean has been on at least one track with all those people on their projects. People who say the album will suck/flop, your dumb because FF 1,2, and 3 were some of the best tapes of their respective years. People who say that Sean has no content have not been listening to his shit. People who are complaining about no Kanye verse, there is a bonus track. Everyone is allowed their opinion but that does not make them right.

  • illicitly ill

    watch lupe murder every verse on the damn album.. sean is really hit or miss so lets hope he’s hittin on this one.

  • I Love How You Guys Bitch About How His Punchline Flow Is Played Out & Yet Lil Wayne Is The One Who Overuses The Shit…I Swear You Guys Are Clowns Man…

    On The Otherhand Big Sean Is Pretty Cool And You Guys Act Like He’s The Worst Thing To Come Out Since Soulja Boy…I Swear You Guys Act Like Females In A Shoe Store…You Hear About A Sell & Get Excited About The Prices & Then When You Go & Find Out That There’s Not Any Shoes In Your Size You Turn Into Straight Bitches & Wanna Complain To The Owner…In Other Words You Guys Were All On His Dick When Finally Famous 1, Uknowbigsean aka Finally Famous 2 & Finally Famous 3 Came Out You People Were Blowing Up The C-Section Talking About “His Songs Are Awesome” & “I Can’t Wait Til His Album Comes Out”….Shut The Fuck Up You Double Standard Ass Faggots…What’s Next Childish Gambino A Sell Out & He’s Gonna Flop As Well…And Yes…Wiz Khalifa Is Not That Good…

  • Brittany from St.Louis

    Why is everyone comparing Big Sean to other artist that are out now (J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, etc)? NO TWO ARTIST ARE ALIKE! That’s what makes hip hop unique! You guys complain when a rapper is biting off of another person and you STILL complain when a rapper is being original. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I’m open to everyone’s music. How would any artist get a chance in the music business if people won’t even support/listen to the craft. There would be none of the legends we have today (Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Diddy) if narrow minded people like some of you were buying music a long time ago! Give new artist a break. Try it before you critize it, damn.

  • ahawow

    When Big Sean is on top, half of you haters are going to ride his dick and act like you’ve always been a fan.

  • k

    Somebody told Boi-1da to make that “My House” beat dirty as fuck. That shit GOES bruh. One of the best tracks and it’s a fucking bonus!

  • DopeMusicOnly

    J.Cole is like that yall all dumb as shit if u Lupe sucks too…They both lyrical..nd I heard some of these songs which was actually good.

  • Tyrone

    I with DopeMusicOnly nd i heard dat Big Sean was pissed b/c a bunch of songs didnt make on his album so hes gonna drop a mixtape before da album

  • TeamBigSean

    @dumbpeoplearoundhere who the fuck asked you.. If you don’t like Big Sean hop off his dick. why the fuck you lookin at his tracklist if you don’t like him.. #NoFuckinLife.. Go find somebody else’s dick to ride and fuck yo self. he got more fans than the strands of hair you got!!! PUNK ASS NIGGA!!!!