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Meek Mill – Put Yourself In My Position f. Triple C’s & Magazeen

blame it on Shake June 7, 2011

No exact home has been determined for this record, but Meek has a new mixtape on the horizon… Mr. Philadelphia 2.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Put Yourself In My Position f. Triple C’s & Magazeen | Alt

  • lesibehonestbitch

    How the fuck ya’ll not feeling this shit?!


  • markgeez

    meeks wack

  • JFK chic

    That Black Thought in the picture. Wale and him need to get back in the studio together.

  • Pauly Dee

    Your mom is wack. I use to believe the same thing until my friend from Philly got me to REALLY listen to him. Meek Mill is definitely in the top 20 of the newcomers.

  • Going in 4 Life

    Dope album…fly songs…bad bitches


  • JustAFanOfMusic

    Meek went in… I could have done without the other niggas.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Meek is wack. I’m from Philly. Now every rapper running around trying to sound like him. Rap fast and say nothing.

    Unfortunately for Maybach Wale is wacker than Meek and Pill is just terrible.

    Wale sounds like he should have been rapping in the early eighties. He’s really hard to listen to when someone doesn’t give him a flow.


    Meek is easily one of the top 5 newcomers in my book. i know he isn’t for everyone, but damn near all of dudes shit sraight BANGS.

  • Mikeyfresh

    Meek went in.
    Better than I expected.
    Wish it was jus his song tho.

  • Rude Boy

    Triple Cheese are still around

  • AV

    Is that that nigga Gunplay cheesin on the far right? Dude look like he is 12 and spotted the ice cream truck for the first time this summer.

    But that girl on the far left looks real good.