• donnie

    dope, when you gonna drop that bobby creekwater mixtape?



  • KillaRas

    Cooooooool! Been waiting for this! Thanks!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/theandymancometh AndyIzEpidemic

    i dont get the connect with the cover art and the title but.....eh

  • Eli Porter

    more like Skypoo! I battled this nignog 8 years ago and wiped the floor with him. That's why his momma be calling me Swiffer.

  • FrankLA

    I totally forgot about Sky's new album but I took a look at my calendar and flipped out. It was like Christmas, especially since 14KT finally dropped that Rockabyebaby beat. That shit is nuts.

  • dong

    What's with the Bill Cosby cover?

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    My guess with the cover is the fact that Bill Cosby doesn't like hip-hop and he's always debating about it. I don't know, just my guess.

  • http://turbocityofficial.ning.com/ Turbo City

    Skyzoo is highly underrated.....


    obviously...white ppl wouldnt understand this title/cover

  • bstyles

    wow fuck you kid ^^^^^
    My white ass was watchin Cosby when I was 6-7 years old and I owned all the PE albums and watched a shit ton of real NBA basketball but I GUESS you cant understand that this culture was made for everyone to enjoy.
    So have a hateful day you Fuckin Racist

  • thename

    official video for "Atypical" http://youtu.be/AzUJyYBc638

  • Dana

    This Skyzoo mixtape is dope as shit


    you know black people because you watched some nba games? fuck outta here!!!!!!!!

  • yea

    if you liked this tape then u will enjoy the Great Debater left over tape
    (yes there is one and its dope!) Its Called M.I.L.F (MAKING ILL LYRICS FOREVER)
    --> http://hulkshare.com/gvhtw6jbhhvz

  • http://yahoo BookOfEli

    Skyzoo all day.

  • Chipz

    Highly anticipated? Stop it...when Kendrick Lamar drops one song there are 50 comments and 200 plus likes before the shit hits mid page, now that is anticipation..Sky got a local buzz, but outside of NY no one is checking for duke like that. Real spit. Not hating, I just hated when sites and blogs try to tell us who's hot when we know damn well these artist they hype up aint buzzing that hard.

  • Chuuch


    if you died from ass cancer, the world would be a better place

    hate hate hate hate


    Damn some of y'all are clueless... IWWMG/JAMLA is killin shit right now. Skyzoo's lyrics are just flyin over niggas heads, this is a tape you need to LISTEN to

  • hereatlast

    This is the shit. Another gem from Sky...original production, free, no DJ and Sky's consistently genius lyricism? Yes.

  • bstyles

    Great Tape Skyzoo !!
    hahaha , ghetto blaster? gtfoh ya lame ass racist blogger.
    Twist my comment anyway ya want to man you obviously will never understand hip hop.

  • SouthApolis

    Yo Chipz Im from Minneapolis and Sky's one of my favorites along with all my homies..so how you bout to say somethin like that when you probably aint been to most states to figure out the truth..and im sure Sky's appearance on 106 got him all sorts of national attention..you dont know who's hyped on what so don't act like you do..no disrespect jus sayin.

  • http://thekreme.tumblr.com Genii

    Always good news when Sky drops a tape.

  • nah

    @FIFTHGOD IWW/Jamla are killing it for sure, but don't act like anyone off the blogs or their twitter feeds know anything about them. They have a VERY dedicated, but very small, group following.

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for the mixtape. Always good to hear Skyzoo doing his thing. PEace and GOD BLESS

  • Tone Riggz

    Sky's dope and he's cool as hell in person...looking forward to downloading this later...

  • http://www.twitter.com/wunmic mo

    Dope. Been waiting for this. Can't wait for 'A Dream Deferred'

  • marty mcfly

    Anything Skyzoo = BARS

  • mazoomy

    He masturbates so much he has to wear a wristband!

    Love Skyzoo, but I couldn't resist. Was waiting on this to drop, glad it's finally here.

  • SirCatalyst


    You'd have to leave NY to know that your statement if factually incorrect. He's got a nice buzz in Philly and DC (with help from Best Kept Secret in DC). The internet is worldwide, you will NEVER just be an NY artist if you hit Skyzoo's level.

  • SirCatalyst


    You're thinking about this in a very American-centric way. Europeans eat shit like this up. That's why artist like Black Milk & Elzhi (people say only Detroit know them), Vinny Paz & Ill Bill and others can tour Europe endless AND make good money.

  • Undefeated


    go vote for my homie Brandun Deshay to get his vid on MTV rotation takes just secs..support REAL HIP HOP!
    by the way dope ass tape from SKyzoo shoutout to JAMLA!

  • BadmeetsEvil
  • AMV

    Cover is cool but when ic sky gonna get his identity branding together. He could match these ill albums/mixtapes with some really great imagery. Even if you use the cosby show there are better images to use...jus sayin.

    Anyway back to the music..shit is top notch and much needed. Could have been an album IMO. Well done sir.

  • http://sladewilson.wordpress.com Sladewilson

    Been waiting on this to drop. St8 fucking banger. Sky hit this shit out the park...

  • yugang

    Been waiting on this shit all day. Instant download.

  • stones

    that written in the drums track was hard...def downloading this.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@kamus365 J.O

    ALAS!!..I been waiting (literally) on this since the 1st few leaks..crazy how we now say mixtape songs are leaks.. aint they all!

  • 730

    @Chipz, that's not what I see.........and its funny cause I never heard a song from Kendrick Lemar......Hmm......funny.

  • skeeter

    wow. i would gladly pay for this.

  • Hh 101
  • Detroit Back!

    Dope album...fly songs...bad bitches


  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    Chipz you dont know what youre talking about
    I was at his sold out show in providence, RI

  • Ripp

    Crazy. Especially at the end of the tape. One of the best projects this year.

  • komplexx904

    Thank. You. Sky.

  • Infamou$Hill

    Thank you for this.

  • Cali Grown

    SK = Hip Hop
    'nuff said.

    SK and Eric G need to do a project together. lol At the dude who said SK's rep is local.


  • http://www.thecomeupfoundation.com doublex

    skyzoo always comes correct, just raw hip hop

  • Cloud 9

    @Chipz....Im From Texas...All my niggaz kno him! Period!

  • Rhymestater

    Yo sky be buzzing all over the world.Am in Australia and we be bumping his shit. Dope mixtape by the way. Big up !!

  • http://irakny.com JAMLAZOO


  • http://irakny.com Jamlazoonocapsthistime

    Yo I hate how some random fucktart always comes on 2DB thinking he has some authority over Hip-Hop...@ the dummy that said Sky is local.

  • RoshaneRonan

    I respect Skyzoo. Instant download.

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    never listened but been hearing good things. about to download now. hope im not disappointed!

  • Astro

    ... This mixtape was truly quality... I thoroughly enjoyed it... I'm glad I made the space to add it to my itunes... I am pretty satisfied.

  • hereatlast

    Jesus this shit is crazy. Might be my favorite release of the year. Damn.

  • kryss

    sky is the shit, i'm from Texas and i jam the salvation and cloud nine mix tape. He is a good rapper nuff said