Hands On: Grieves' Together/Apart (Video)

In typical Rhymesayers fashion, here goes a hands on look at the packaging for Grieves' upcoming album, Together/Apart, dropping June 21st.

RSE's packaging >>>

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  • who cares

    I'm so ready for this. I want it now! The artwork is beautiful.

  • LOL

    I wonder if theres a song thanking mac lethal for making this dude famous on there..

  • i await a nod to the Black Clover family as well...maybe most consider that type of thing unreasonable or not needed, i understand that, but alot of us embrace grieves music because of Mac's nod.. of course grieves music still stands worthy, but it still has a uncomfortable feeling. anyhow... gernight

  • Dave

    Mac knows Grieves respects him for that..

    "Parted ways with a friend, it was not easy,
    Made a leap to the future and got queezy.
    Started working on the things that'd lost reason.
    Now I'm sittin' with a pad, movin' so fast."

    Most would jump on the Rhymesayers crew if they had the chance. Don't blame him.

  • from a marketing standpoint.....Rhymesayers is pure magic. Love what they do here. They show exactly WHY you should buy the actual cd and now download it. Master P made millions in the 90s by getting people to by the albums strictly based on the packaging.

    i havent actually went to the store and bought an album in a while but ill go ahead and pick this one up


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