• Maga D approves

    I always had their first album/mixtape "Just A Game" & always thought it was dope but I kinda quit playin it, but since this has The RZA & Face on it, maybe I'll get into this one & the last tape. Good look on the tape.

  • http://facebook.com/jDubSoDope jDub

    @Maga D approves - if you don't have Smash The System go cop it now.. sort of how this album is with rapper features.. some dope stuff


    Will download this Now. Should be good.

  • MOZART5000

    dammmnnnnn what happen to the 6-7-20 11 release date. Obviously that ain't happen. The Dream is a highly under rated artist.

  • http://topherawhite.bandcamp.com Topher A. White

    I fuck with their music. Would love to get some production from them too. People forget about that

  • dick

    late pass? I had this on Sunday.

  • Nate Dza

    DAMN, havent heard from the kickdrums in the a minute. They're last album and mixtape were both crazy/

  • G$

    "Kickdrums on the beat, ho!"

  • kolt13

    just for info, KOLT13 produces "THINKING OUT LOUD" on this tape..

  • Onederin

    Don't sleep.

  • yoshua