• Dave Fredrick

    did you guys get this from goodmusicallday.com? because they were the only place i saw the had it for download. Just Jared doesn't have it for download either...

  • crash

    Real talk,"viva la white girl" is one of the best songs of all time, I don't give a fuck what nobody say

  • http://twitter.com/ishartedonem lookatmenowbich

    I used Internet Download Manager to grab it from JustJared and put it straight on Youtube. They may have done the same (first part).

    And hell yes about Viva.

  • Do Jones

    @Dave howflyhiphop.com had the download for it all day..goodmusic isnt the ONLY site with a download dude.

  • ajamal

    Any hip hop heads here actually listen to the first Papercut Chronicals? it was great, but totally different from this. IF you're gonna call the album Papercut Chronicl;es 2 atleast do it in the same vein as the first, as in do it full band not produced beats. How can they be a a band when most of their music is produced beats. The drummer ain't gonna be doing much work in this song live...

  • marty mcfly

    The Quilt was a good album.

  • http://manofglass.com Mr. Glass

    @ajamal I agree bro they need to go back to the band shit and less beats thats what made them unqiue

  • ayo

    DEAD ASS viva la white girl >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • mac d

    "For the Kids" and "Papercut Chronicles" were amazing. Still two of my favorite albums. "As Cruel As School Children" had a few decent tracks, but not as good as their previous album.
    And The Quilt was just shit though.

  • marty mcfly

    isnt Papercut Chronicles - For the kids just with more songs?

  • marty mcfly

    Forget it...

  • simplesabotage

    papercut chronicles was their BEST album...

  • Your Father

    This is WEAK.
    Production sounds like they were trying to bite the beat on Chiddy Bang's Opposite of Adults (I know it also samples MGMT - Kids.)

  • grapedrank

    i dont fully understand what exactly the difference is between travie mcoys solo act and gym class heroes, dont get me wrong i enjoy their music but it seems like gym class heroes is just travie sharing the spot light with 3 of his friends. all of their records appear to be heavily produced with no original content from the band members. it just seems odd to me. i guess its cool hes sharing the wealth with his boys though.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    I completely forgot about Viva La Whitegirl. That's gonna be on repeat for a few minutes.

  • nick

    Wasn't Travis McCoy supposed to make a album. Forgetting Katy Perry? ... What ever happened to that?

  • someguy

    this isnt bad, but it seems more like that quilt shit then papercut chronicles. please dont call the album papercut chronicles 2 if its going to just be another meh/average pop album.

  • http://asa.com dasda

    This shit's aight. The chorus is obnoxious. Tight raps tho. TELL ME HE AINT USING JAY'S "FEELING IT" FLOW

  • Cweezy

    Yea this is really bad quality. should only post high quality rips or don't post em at all