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VERSES: Donnis vs. Andre 3000 (Video)

blame it on Meka June 9, 2011

Directed by Court Dunn

The dopehouse & Director Court Dunn present the next installment of “VERSES”, an acapella music video series where your favorite MCs drop a verse from their favorite MCs. In this edition, the ATLien drops his favorite 3 Stacks lyric.

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  • VSOP

    “walk it out” verse is his fav dre rhyme? that woulda been around number 70 on my list…..

  • A$tro

    true Da art of Story tellin pt 4, 2nd verse of aquemini, 2nd verse of Atliens and royal flush verse ar my faves

  • LAKlocwork

    wow…. can I say fail? yeah. fail….

  • illicitly ill

    international players anthem and git up, git out please.. he also murdered throw some d’s if we’re gonna talk remixes, but still far from my favorite

  • my fav 3 stacks verses gotta be his verse off devin the dudes ‘what a job’ or aquemini

  • johnnybravo

    word to illicitly ill.. international player’s anthem >

  • wuts da point of this … i dont c donnis makin n e real moves like that

  • T

    @illicity: For sureeee. International Players Anthem was one of his best for sure. The rhymes were so unpredictable.

  • this aint a fail this is a dope verse…3k was actually saying sumthing but id have to say my fave verses (some ) are…
    art of storytelling pt.1
    yall scared
    ms jackson
    wheelz of steel

  • rockett

    Double dissapointment.
    1. this being his favorite verse
    2. him reciting it wrong and ruining the metaphorical content

    Ex. Walk it out like AN usher… Not like “ya” Usher, because Dre’s not reffering to Usher Raymond but and usher in say a movie theatre or church.

    “I’m like Jury duty your NEW to this part of town” ? its your DUE to this part of town, like your DUE to a courtroom, being new to town is irrelevant to Jury Duty

    These need a fact checker.

    Just, FAIL. all together.

  • Nic

    Y’all all wrong, Dre verse on black ice(sky high) is so deep

  • Exxille

    Black Ice hell and last verse off elevators.

  • rick ro$$

    lol what was the point of this?

  • Dre’s best verse for me would have to be off Atliens the song Babylon

    I came into this world high as a bird
    From second hand cocain powder
    i know it sounds absurd
    I never tooted but its in my veins
    While the rest of the country bungies off bridges
    Without no snap back
    and bitches they say they need that
    To shake they fannies in the ass clubs
    they go the other route
    turn each other out
    burn each other out
    where a bonified nigga like me
    can’t even get no back rub these days
    ain’t that bleak on they part
    but let me hold it down
    cause they shut you down
    when you speak from your heart
    now that’s hard
    while we rantin and ravin bout gats
    nigga they made them gats
    they got some shit that’ll blow out our backs
    from where they stay at


  • ^yea that was a dope verse.

  • aHometownHero

    andre has way too many dope verses. its hard to keep up. thats why he is top 10 ever. crazy thing is I see him every week in my neighborhood…2dope if you ask me

  • aHometownHero

    if i had to pick my fav. dre verses, it would probably be:
    1.Jazzy Belle (1st verse)
    2.Da Art of Storytellin (Pt1)
    4.Aquemini(2nd verse)
    5.Intl Playas Anthem
    6.Hollywood Divorce

  • hater

    donnis blows a big donkey dick. his voice is annoying.

  • Michael Dao

    Am I the only one that likes Andre for The Love Below? That was a classic to me.

  • idk(Fuck a name)

    his verse on rosa parks is killer to me…. I’m baffled as to why this is the verse he chose. I think it has more to do with the fact that its walk it out, then the verse itself though…

  • snowman

    well i don’t know much about donnis, but i do know this verse was (or could be construed as) a shot on gangsta rap, more specifically against T.I.