Sean Garrett – In Da Box f. Rick Ross (Video)

blame it on Meka June 11, 2011

Director: Rico Malique

This is all kinds of NSFW… perfect for your Saturday night.

  • Jet Life

    This only get a thumbs up because of the video.That is all.

  • Pauly Dee

    Honestly, I only watched this for the bitches…

  • k

    borderline porno

  • fuckrickross

    song is garbage…but you can never go wrong with some ass…

  • I feel like Sean Garrett wasn’t sure if he wanted to rap or sing, so he decided to do both

  • IllicitMC

    Oh…so that’s why it’s called ‘In Da Box’

  • kurse

    thumbs up because i never turned my speakers on

  • nyHustla

    the song ain’t even that wack for a club song tho. niggas hatin’.
    a buttnaked bitch in some high heels is hot as fuck. damn. need a latina gyal to do that shit.

  • more jay, less war.

    The song is a good club song. It’s not bad. I don’t know of anyone partying in the club to Hiii Power(which happens to be my favorite song right now.) They have different realms, you know? This would be a good soundtrack to a night out. Oh, and the women are an added plus.

    Sidenote: Did anyone see those titties at around the 2:20 mark? Tell me I’m not trippin’.

  • 368 Music Group

    Phil Ade would take this song to a whole nother level.

  • Don’t worry about it

    I don’t see why that “creative” disclaimer was on the video. It was basically the same clips over and over.
    I like all that ass though. so….

  • dpac

    Rozay wasn’t even in the vid, this aint good for the image i guess

  • dilly

    i am not hating on the bitches. i almost jacked off to this, but son talking bout being creative? nigga, this is a porno. nothing scripted? so those bitches pretend to eat each other out in hotel rooms on the regular? fuck outta here.

  • dimburger

    ^true that,
    and this is why everyone hates America.. smh
    …and thinks rap is crap haha

  • Ace Julio

    Good lord, now I need Jesus.

  • D

    I’m not hating America because of this video, quite the opposite in fact. How much a vacation to Miami again…?