Money Making Jam Boys - Tear It Down (Video)

Dir by: Treezy & Samuel Rogers

The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic is out now.

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  • 368 Music Group

    Phil Ade would take this song to a whole nother level.

  • ^^ Hahaha

  • X

    I like Slaughterhouse but MMJB might be the best group in hip-hop today.

  • MMJB

    @368MusicGroup I hope your joking

    Black Thought > Phil Ade
    P.O.R.N. > Phil Ade
    Truck North > Phil Ade
    Dice Raw > Phil Ade
    S.T.S. > Phil Ade

  • Kareem

    MMJB >>>> Slaughterhouse. Without question. Ain't even up for discussion.

  • shane

    great song...boring un-original video though.

  • Spike

    This beat is all kinds of dope

  • Us

    Phil.Ade is dope! He is Jam Boy family. S/O to Dre, Raheem, Phil and the whole 368 Music Group...

  • extratitch

    The hook's a bit half arsed but the rhymes and especially that beat is bang on.

  • James Flames

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