Jared Evan – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2011

It’s pretty much impossible to top any of The Beatles’ original recordings, but Jared Evan does a pretty good job remaking their 1966 hit.

DOWNLOAD: Jared Evan – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)

  • setting yourself up for failure covering a Beatles song

  • Mac1

    i aint gona front this is fuckin hot

  • ramone

    dope cover, je always comes with sum shit

  • Whoknowz

    Very cool

  • stopstaringatme

    he killed it in a good way

  • Rippartyarty

    hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

  • Tzu

    No. Just No.

  • excusememiss

    wow great cover

  • Optoprimus


  • J1

    True artist

  • Mikef

    It is in fact extremely hard to pull off covering any classic song, especially one from the greatest band of all time. But this is very good.

  • YO!

    Not bad at all

  • rustyO

    dope cover, and dope album cover…it says photo by derek Pike tho? aint he a director?

  • thegeneratOR

    i fuckn love shit like this….

  • sal$boy

    im glad he coming with dope flicks now remember that suspect shit they posted on here a few months ago? SMFH

  • Jasonhora

    really dope

  • JKash

    Wow! LOVE IT

  • nuffsaid

    he did justice

  • cha$eme

    very hard to cover a beatles song…not mad atthis

  • Onederin

    Not good. Jared’s a great talent, but he’s still pretty hit and miss with his music. I think this updated cover came up really really short compared to his potential.

  • waxx

    i thought i was gonna be so pissed when i pressed play…this is dope as fuck

  • billycorgan

    This is tight!

  • Needlz

    u kno if shake fux w it its probably gon be dope

  • Ali G

    Like the photo. cover’s cool too

  • SMH

    wat is dis? i thougth this site is supposed to only post hip-hop and r&b wtf noone wanna listen to dis emo shit

  • Rory

    @SMH Some of us appreciate music as a whole, not one sheltered part of it..and he raps do your hw

  • raycharles

    classic shit

  • No 1cares

    Cant hate on this

  • MattGilbert

    Photo is legit….derek pike does photos?

  • Dame9

    sick, very very sick

  • Yung1


  • surprisingly dope