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Rapsody – Top Five f. King Mez & Laws

blame it on Shake June 13, 2011

Off the Kooley High femcee’s upcoming album, Thank H.E.R., dropping June 21st.

Also, hit the jump for part 2 of Karmaloop’s On the Road series w/ 9th Wonder and Rapsody.

  • Trueff

    GOD she is so wack. her flow literally is annoying AF. Use your own fucking voice and flow you fake ass wannabe

  • marty mcfly

    Amp on the beat = DOPE

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    Damn… hate everywhere. Could you do better, “Trueff” you lame ass?

    The track was hot, I want to hear more from her like this.

  • Che

    I respect the fact that she’s original and not following any trends. Not really feelin her music too much, but I’m gonna keep checkin out for her a few more times. She needs better beats in my opinion and a new flow.

  • Gene Siskel’s Voice

    Trueff you a mutha fuckin’ hater. Home girl is dope, you lame ass nigga.

  • djmuzika23

    I honestly listened to the song for Laws who didn’t disappoint. The production was well done and had its own uniqueness you don’t seem much of these days. Great track but to me, the production outshined most of the artists.

  • Trueff

    @justafan I’m just a producer, so no i couldn’t do better, but i do know when i like a rapper or not. This girl just wants to be Jean Grae, STRAIGHT UP. She even jockin Jean’s four finger ring swag, that right there just ties the knot for me. She just a jean grae wannabe. kinda a boring lane to try to get in anyways if you ask me.
    Mez and laws are dope, i just cant fuck with the wannabe

  • BigDoe

    @trueff True that! Only diff between Rhap and Jean is that Jean is sexy, feminine, and beautiful, and Rhapsody is like Meg from Family Guy, other than that they the same chick.

  • Tzu

    AMP channels his inner Primo. Still nice though.

  • Onederin

    Yes…lets compare Rapsody to the only relevant female rapper of the past 5-6 years. That way we can sound really smart. Great job boys.

  • DaeDae

    @onederin lol you must not be smart because there are quite a bit more few relevant female rappers than jean. dont be ignorant now lmao! she may be the only relevant to you because she raps like old school/underground stuff. but believe me, there are PLENTY of female mcs, dont get it twisted homie

  • No doubt, she has flow and lyrics. But her VOICE is so DIFFICULT to listen to. I wince every time she starts rhyming … just not smooth enough for me.

  • DJ Daz-One

    Trueff must be a Nicki fan otherwise he wouldn’t say that. Good joint mos def gonna get some airplay from me.

  • Ricki Lutes

    rapdiddy! seems it’s going to be a solid album.. dope a** track btw!

  • DahStoryTella

    Other than Laws spitting some corny ass lyrics (he picked up at the end, though), this shit is dope.

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