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Audra The Rapper – Comfort Zone

blame it on Meka June 14, 2011

I wonder how Audra feels knowing that her boss’ basketball team lost in the finals…

I feel your pain, Rick. Audra’s No Such Thing Does Exist drops soon.

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  • RSX

    *dead* at the GIF

  • Big-O

    That .gif may have just cost me my job. I was laughing WAY too loud for these people. Shit was worth it though. BAWSE!

  • jeez
  • crash

    that gif was the funnirst shit ive seen in my life…my entire life

  • zbMrOG

    ahahaha that ross gif jus made my day, 2Dope thanx mek

  • So Icy Boi!

    Ross is a bitch

  • stfu

    i wonder how Laker fans feel knowing that their own team got swept earlier in the playoffs.

  • lol

    @stfu: yeah damn sucks for them to have to go home and still have no rings oh wait…

  • Kardia

    The production on this ish is straight garbage. Jesus.

  • Mos

    laughing my fuckin ass off

  • ,,>>,,

    good song, diggin it, vibin…

  • Undefeated

    LMFAO at the gif. Ross fat ass was jiggin LMAOOOO

  • thumbed up for the gif…now to listen to the song n judge…

  • spooky

    LMAO @ Ross! Where is that from?!?!

  • ice

    song is dope.

  • Mike Threadgill

    Ross let at a big, “Uuugghhh!” After that one dat nigga had to catch is breath. LOL

  • Shorty track was kool, seen her rock in BK she did her did.
    Shout out to TOOLS Va Beach!!! 718 to 757

  • jeezy

    that auto tune is killing me … i congrats her on not sounding all agreesive like 96% of her resume … but she still lacks that .. that .. POLISH.. production is so-so .. ehh for someone whos from a state that is KNOWN for production .. she sure is having a hard time finging it

  • ritic

    thats not autotune on her vocals… she used an effect to make her vocals sound like an electric guitar.. i forgot the plug-in

  • Musikfiend

    Damn when are the Heat shots gonna stop.

    “Just wait til next year!!” Little Kid From Bad News Bears Voice