Mac Lethal - Vodka Tonic w/ a Lime (prod. Seven)

Off Mac's upcoming Peanut Butter Banana mixtape.

Sony offered me a $250k / 6 album deal. I clearly turned that bullshit down. But here's my response.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Lethal - Vodka Tonic w/ a Lime (prod. Seven)

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  • Bottle


  • I usually hate this guys music besides the "fastest white rapper ever" videos he posted on youtube...but this is dope....mainly cuz the beat is niceeee

  • yikes

    Hahah, this guy should realllly stick to the battle rapping shit. This is just terrible and embarrassing quite frankly... "I get good pussy"... yeah, I bet you do. Haaaah!

  • ssssss

    By the way thats his fiance in that pic above...

  • ali

    so dope

  • Derche

    And what is it that you do yikes? I bet you are sitting on your moms computer in the living room jerking off all day while she goes to work sucking dick for money to pay for your World Of Warcraft membership. Let's see you make a song in a matter of hours and then post it. I'd like to see what you can come up with.

  • tyler d

    sounds like an Atmosphere beat

  • yuurp

    He gets good pussy and his fiance is 30 year old scenester? cmon man... I like the song even though i can't stand his voice most of the time

  • Sick

    Do you guys have any idea what you're talking about? He's not engaged. And he's dope. Single or married have nothing to do with it.

  • ivemar80

    New Mac Lethal is always welcome.
    North Korean BBQ is a dope tape.

  • Mac lethal is one of the most sincere, real-to-his-own-life writers/rappers doing it. Much respect.

    And 250k is a lotta fucking loot to turn down, regardless of whether or not it was the right decision...wowzers.


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