• Mc Ice Cold

    Nobody has commented on hear yet!!! What a fucking shame. The Illz is to dope. Great remix.

  • snow

    this is dope.

  • russda59

    Wowwwww....fucking amazing. I wish artists (cough *nas* cough) would remaster their shit more often. But can't knock this remix. Gorgeous

  • http://www.goal.com SlumDilla

    "You Wack MCS" dope remastering

  • linkz

    man enjoy mr.illz while you can cause soon these internet bandwagon hatin betches gonna make it hard to look at comments with their retarded sense of whats good and whats not lol

  • Mr_ignk

    "ILL TaL on the beat, lyrical... Lyrical" It's TheILLZ Bitch!