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Wiz Khalifa Reunites State Property (Video)

blame it on Shake June 15, 2011

During a show in Philly, Wiz brings out the Young Gunz, Beanie Sigel and Freeway. I’m with Low on this one… good shit!

  • fuckinfaggotry

    spitta was ahead on this shit sooo many lames in the game smfh khalifas gonna fall off faster than fuck not hate simply truth.

  • cryaboutit

    considering hes been only getting bigger and bigger im pretty sure hes not gunna fall off anytime soon, if u dont like it dont watch it, you took the time to talk about how this is “lame”, i think most would consider that hate, hate because his career is blowing up and your life sucks, go cry somewhere…oh yeah and just to piss you off TGODxStateProperty

  • realtalk

    ^his real fans, I’m talkin POTC fans are definitely sick of this washed up, commercial version of Khalifa.. only mainstream audience supporting supporting Wiz now, all the college that smoke weed to be cool..

    And we all know those kind of ‘fans’ will switch to the next hyped rapper in no time..

  • CoOL_KID_305

    Wow y do u people hate to see someone be successful? Ok Wiz change his style up what’s the big deal he got mouths to feed and he probably did it for the money. Y’all would do the same thing if u were in his position, let the man enjoy his shine and u can go back to ur pathetic lives.

  • damnSON

    You do know Peedi Crakk, Oschino, and Omillio Sparks were also members of State Property and that this isn’t really any reunite means A. The other said members weren’t there and B. Sigel, Freeway and Young Gunz never stopped fucking with each other, right?

  • hereatlast

    Peedi was there @ damnSON. maybe not in this vid though.

  • abcd215

    Lol @ “reunites”, when did they break up?..they all still hang together….and at almost any big show in Philly, they all appear and a few (mostly Free & Peedi) perform during someone’s set. This isn’t major.

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