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Kendrick Lamar – Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) f. RZA

blame it on JES7 June 17, 2011

Looks like I got a new favorite song I’ll be rocking to for the rest of the day. #Section80. Peace to the righteous 5%. Shouts to Dave Free as usual! (Apologies about the production mistake).

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) f. RZA (prod. Tae Beast)
Mixed by Ali.

  • casper wordsmith

    Hiii Power, Sex With Society and now this? I smell a mixtape of the year. People will be bitching cos RZA got no verse … Straight Banger.

  • Deter

    No Doz – you’re welcome ;)

    Black Hippy heads, ya’ll know if Zip That Chop That is part of an album/tape or just a standalone release?

  • Undefeated

    BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! kendrick hasnt dissapointed me yet.

  • GOddd damnnn….FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! so dope…..RZA my nigga on the track!!

  • iug

    section 80 coming 7/2/11!!!

  • ck47

    2bz fix your shit RZA didn’t produce this smh

  • dude’s on some next level idish

  • ck47

    ha that was quick

  • Cweezy

    good song. Wish that first couple of lines that opened up the song was an actual song. Deff something I could listen to as well.

  • Correction: Produced By TaeBeast

  • Peace to the True & Living Gods from Love Allah Allah Lives @Soulking_Sk

  • WOAH! This song goes!

  • Main

    This song so dope can’t wait to put this in the car. @Deter Zip That Chop That is on Jay Rock mixtape from hood tales to the cover of xxl.

  • a

    Section 80 might b the album (its not a mixtape) of the year. this and Hiipower r CRAZY and sex with society was dope too

    July 2nd! (and IF, even tho im sure it wont, Watch the throne drops on the 4th.. i will listen to NOTHING else this summer than those two albums)

  • Damn! RZA spits of his best verses on this track!!


    So many Kendrick Lamar stans on here why don’t they just rename this to KendrickLamarfansite.com

  • truenaledge

    RZA and KEndrick? ooooooooohweee. Sick. This makes up for that Work Out track the nigga COle dropped. Shit was wack.

  • statistics

    PRODUCED by TaeBeast and RZA is only on the sample on the hook and the tape drops on July 2nd and today is Kendrick’s birthday

  • J

    Man, Kendrick is about to shake up Hip-Hop. Section80 gonna make a lot of noise!


    #section80= 80’s baby…reagan era. haaaaa.

  • Undefeated

    where did this july 2nd date come from?? i thought he hadnt announced it yet??

  • Dolo

    not really feelin’ this one.
    i’ll give it some time to grow on me.

  • Fat Boy

    This songs is crazyy dope what a dope week of music

  • handfull

    July 2 will be a great day :-)

  • illicitly ill

    Lol at everyone that gets pissed at kendrick fans, how could you not be a fan? He’s killing it right now. Lyrically not to be fucked with and he’s versatile as hell too. #Section80 is gonna be a fuckin problem.

  • NobodyImportant

    this shit is fucking ridiculous. Kendrick Lamar. Section 80. July 2nd.

  • $$$

    The songs he previewed in Toronto were insane. 7/2 will indeed be dope.

  • CK

    This shit is cool.. but what’s with the random ass sounds.. woooptie wooop wooop waoooh waoooh

  • casper wordsmith

    He confirmed the release date on twitter.


  • Being frank…Sinatra!!

    Been waiting on this…Whoopty whoop

  • thatrealshit

    @ CK i think the “random sounds” are sposed to be police sirens, that would match the themes of the track…shits a fuckin banger, so pumped for this tape to drop

  • thatrealshit

    @ CK i think the “random sounds” are sposed to be police sirens, that would match the themes of the track…shits a fuckin banger, so pumped for this tape to drop.

  • B. Emerson 909

    Section 80 is gonna hit #1 on Itunes


    july 2nd is not far away…AT ALL!! LEGGO!

  • marty mcfly

    DOPENESS !!!

  • BKQ

    This shit right here! This is that dope shit! Yeaaaaaaa Niggaaaa!

  • yourstepfather

    Son ya name is lonely nerd gtfoh

  • Dude is a fucking beast. I’m amazed!

  • s.

    need to hear hold up again…sounded dope when he played it @ sound academy yesterday…this is nice though, so cant complain.

  • Son of S.A.M.

    Kendrick’s #Section80 is going to be a classic. He’s 3-0 so far. Amazing art.

  • deruuu

    shit’s dope! anyone know what the sample at the beginning is from?

  • Pauly Dee


    #Section80 is gonna be a classic, I promise ya! In fact this whole year has released and has potential of a LOT of classics.

  • yugang

    Kendrick stays murdering tracks! Man, im ready for the album now!

  • Really Tho

    Kendrick is good and all but you guys literally jerk off to this guy. All his songs always get like 1982737 thumbs up when they’re good not great. I’m a fan and I have all of his shit but you guys really need to get off his dick.

  • Kendrick killed it once again. Props to Taebeast for coming thru on some wu sounding shit w/ the instrumental, tae & soundwave dont get enough credit for putting it down on the boards over at TDE.

  • kd

    please please please let Section80 actually drop on July 2nd.

  • @really tho damn, cant niggas support artists without being called a dick-rider (especially if the artist is good)?? and if your a fan then wtf is the problem? obviously dude is doing something right. U dont get this kinda of love for no reason. If u like alot of what ur favorite artist does, your a dick-rider. If u dont like something, ur a hater…..ppl these dayz smh

  • Pugz

    wheres RZA??? but this is a sicks ong.

  • turftalka

    So far, from what I know, HiiiPoWeR, Sex With Society, Ronald Reagan Era (w/. RZA), Vanity Slave pt. 2 (w/. Gucci Mane), Temptation (w/. J. Cole) & Shock The World (w/. J. Cole & BJ The Chicago Kid) will be on the album. If that’s true, then I can consider this one of THE BEST album and/or mixtape this year.

  • killamic

    LOL @ 1982737 nice way to exaggerate the number of likes he gets to show your annoyance of ppl who show love to a artist u claim to be a fan of. Why kendrick fans & buzz bothers some ppl to the point of telling them to “GET OFF HIS DICK!” is beyond me. Its your opinion tho…..

    This shit right here is raw and cannot wait for the album!

  • Liquid Swords

    Going on the record saying this will be project of the year. Period.

  • Drake killed XXL

    Section80 is gonna be one of those!!!!…u kno…one of THOSE

  • and won

    KNOWXONE = Fake 5%er

  • justsayin

    @ “Really tho”
    i don’t get ppl like u.. u said ur a fan right.. so im sure u would’ve gave a good song a thumbs up right… well what if thousands of ppl felt the same way? i cant see how u can possibly get mad when ppl express how they feel about a artist. cuss honestly for u to go out ur way to type what u did just makes us look at u like a bitter rapper who wants his spot.. just sayin

  • .anth

    yo Meka you need to drop that Hold Up track kendrick played last night in T.Dot!! ..i know you got it hahah

  • ThaRealShit91

    This dudes a beast

  • DP

    I agree with @justsayin. I hate people like you “really tho”. You are one of those people who hate to see a artist get too much love. You feel the shit is overrated when too many people like it. Kendrick is getting so many fans now that you want it to go back to the days when he had 10 thumbs up and you were one of them. Dick rider and hater need to be banished. If you like something alot, you just like it. If you don’t like something, then you don’t fuck with it. Fuck fans like you.

  • DP

    I agree with @justsayin. I hate people like you “really tho”. You are one of those people who hate to see a artist get too much love. You feel the shit is overrated when too many people like it. Kendrick is getting so many fans now that you want it to go back to the days when he had 10 thumbs up and you were one of them. Dick rider and hater need to be banished. If you like something alot, you just like it. If you don’t like something, then you don’t fuck with it. Fuck fans like you. .

  • QBN

    Message to J COLE. This is how to maintain and increase anticipation for your album.

  • GR


    CO-Sign like a fuckload of times.

    I was never hyped about Section80 til these goddamn sick singles. Like Hiipower was fucking amazing. Not even hyped about Cole World anymore.

  • @ and won

    What you so mad at? Is it because of your lack of melanin, lack of higher intelligence, or that you Knowledge you’re grafted? It’s okay, son of Yakub. Go continue to pray to your “mysterious God” up in the sky.

    Build or Destroy. The latter applies to you.


  • vlado


  • Trans
  • GeeZuP

    Track is dope but I would hardly call that a feature from RZA

  • stones

    Eh. I fux with Kendrick…but this one, not so much.

  • Protege

    i like kendrick and this beat is nice, but dude really needs to learn how to construct a song and learn how to make a damn hook. or hes gonna stay where hes at forever.

  • MorrKid

    Kendrick is a super unique dude and he knows his sound. This song is dope and so was HiiPower, wasn’t really feelin the last one though.

    Is Section80 a mixtape or an actual album anyone know?

  • Joz

    biatch u know, what da hell dat nigga? so wheres RZA, fuck u niggaz

  • Leaguez

    next time rememeber dont fuck around with RZA

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Secton.80 is kind of like an album and a mixtape at the same time cause it’s being distributed free as an album on iTunes, but then again it’s not really an official studio album. Kind of in between a mixtape and an album. Like what Overly Dedicated was basically.

  • might as well be kendrick ft. ab soul cause i hear more soul then rza wtfuck?
    regardless, dope ass track.

  • Kingston

    I support religion…but the Nation of Islam aka 5% Nation is a bunch off BULLSHIT. Knowxone look at Malc n Muhammad, they made the right choice.

  • J.West

    This Bang Kendrick is once again murdering a track, 7/2/11 #Section80 I’ll be waiting

  • Call me a stan, fanboy or whatever but this track and HiiPower have me impressed. You can tell that he is growing and progressing with the art-form. Yeah, his hooks may not be there and he may not be that “mainstream” rapper but if he keeps this up, he may start appearing in people’s top lyricists lists.

    #Section80 may very well be comparable to Illmatic when its all said and done.

  • jtherapy

    Kendrick is dope period eventhough the hook wasn’t all that. His lyrics make you want to hear the next verse so to me the hooks can be mediocre because I haven’t heard a garbage verse ever from this dude. Section80 is gonna be serious

  • yeah!!!!ohoh

    http://hulkshare.com/5zbti4lf99qo heres another super dope song!

  • FreshSup702

    The 3 tracks off Section 80 thus far have been a few of the dopest lyrical/Conceptual/Style songs of 2011. Most MC’s say the same stuff and Kendrick is separating himself from those dudes

  • tyler d

    he’s good…but i don’t understand all the hype. you guy’s are making him seem way better than he is.

  • markaveli


  • @tylerd how about you check out his other songs/albums than make your judgment. Than maybe you’ll “understand all the hype”

  • @jtherapy co sign x 1361069106910691601960196

  • tyler d

    i’ve got Overly Dedicated. once again, it’s good, but he’s not a god like you guys make him out to be. he’s above average. the end.

  • Co sign jtherapy x 1361069106910691601960196^2.

    But seriously though, I honestly gotta beat on a dead horse when I say how I don’t get how niggas get mad when they see a lot of people showing love to an artist who obviously puts in the work and effort into his music. Stop being a bitch and just appreciate the fact that someone actually made something with their life by virtue of this hip hop shit.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    imma k dot stan, but to compare it to illmatic is ridiculous. you didnt hear leaks when illmatic was about to drop…the hype was from features and previous albums. thats what i miss about music these days…
    and this track right herreeee! its so la people dont know WHAT THE FUCK TO DO WITH THEMSELVES.

  • dope & im not even a huge lamar fan… still respect the talent and work he puts in though

  • PDXb1tch

    only thing he got wrong is marcus camby aint washed up he still ballin as an old man

  • LAsVeryOwn

    4.7 and 10.3 is hoopin these days? smfh lmao!!!!!!!!

  • Who’s this Kendrick Lamar fellow, and whats all this Section 80 business?

  • sheee

    kendrick is re inventing the “feature” instead of featuring someone spitting a verse, he features them saying a few words, showing how superior he is to them

    gucci on vanity slaves 2 and now this

    btw what is rza saying? california what?

  • yeo

    hii power is not only the best hip hop track of the year but one of the best of all time

  • casper wordsmith

    @shee *california dungeons*

  • dedxsad

    i didnt really feel sex w/ society but this and hiiipower is wuts up

  • trueknowledge

    [email protected] 5 % ppl aka Nation OF Islam…FOH JES yousafaggot. Religion is good but the Nation of Islam is a bunch of BULLSHIT. You only support that ’cause ”rappers” part of it? FOH. And don’t act like you got any kind of knowledge you ignant fuck. smfh. Malcom X, Muhammad Ali, they knew wassup. NOI is a bunch of kurupt mufuckas who talk shit and make money of ignant niggas like YOU.
    Other than that this Kendrick track FIRE. Section 80 coming very fast!

  • Billy

    “showing how superior he is to them”
    most rediculous thing ive heard in a while

  • Billy

    Justice Equality Supreme said this on June 17th, 2011 at 5:53 pm
    *pinches bridge of nose*
    JES sometimes u really know how to make yourself sound ignorant…y wud sum1 b mad cos of the melanin in their skin? uve been successfully brain washed bro. and don’t end ur rant with “peace” because wat u said was divisive and ignorant. “son of yakub”? go say that to sum1 and see if they actually react. in ur bubble thats a diss in the real world ull b viewed as they tin foil hat guy.

  • Son of Yakub

    You can tell who is a real 5% and who just wants the other gods and earth’s the pat his butt.

    Justice Equality Supreme = fraud. He worships that pink cloud kirby.

  • Bp

    I fucks with Kendrick heavy.
    But this just sounds like a remix to ‘HiiiPower’. I need some of that ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ type shit. #Section80 will still shit on all Summer albums tho..

  • yup

    a dj jut gave kendrick some rza acapellas because he thought he was dope. kendrick just used the rza samples like he did on vanity slaves part 2 with gucci

  • gucci lame

    hook reminds me of some bob dylan shit

  • Scourge

    Justice Equality Supreme, we come here for the music, not your ridiculously judgmental religious commentary. Keep that stuff to yourself.

  • jwiii

    word, fuck the 5% bunch of no good dirty egotistical assholes that support their theories by saying THAT ONLY 5% CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH. Niggas dumb.

    Jay Elec be spitting they’re stupid shit in rhymes sometimes. Got me shaking my head.

  • marty mcfly

    Just let it go cause yall being mad at somebody else beliefs aint gonna change nothing. If somebody believes something that you dont , what difference does it make to you. Thats like if a Jehovah witness knocks on your door and you open it and say fuck your religion. That just makes you look ignorant.

  • I’ll Rape u Later

    yeah marty mac biatch!

  • Tecs

    Reagan was a missing whore.

  • WackRapperPatrol

    @Rafae Sheikh

    #SECTION80 album will NOT be FREE . youre gonna have to cop it on iTunes or wherever , like Ab-Soul’s and Schoolboy’s recent releases .

  • Tell J. Cole to learn from Kendrick Lamar… 1500 likes and not even 50 dislikes… THAT’S A CERTIFIED STREET SINGLE.

    Hiii Power was another gem.

    No mainstream single… just bangers.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    @WackRapperPatrol Ohhhh okay I see

  • jwiii

    Marty McFly, the same logic could be applied to the Jehoavah Witnesses for even bothering knocking at my door but no, it’s only to those who resist dumbasses. It’s aight for the dumbass to preach but it’s SO wrong to tell that dumbass to shut the fuck up.

    Right? Right!

    So, marty while I respect your articulated opinion, shut the fuck up.

  • marty mcfly

    No its people like you who actually bring it up more then he does. Then get mad about it and try to talk down on a belief that you know nothing about. All faiths and religions have common denominators at most points so when you say something is bullshit you clearly dont understand what your saying.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Brap. Brap.


    I understand religion well enough. I’m saying your argument is a crock of shit. Why? You’re saying it’s worse to complain about people living life when the lifestyle they live is to harass and convert heathens. Hell, you’re an idiot for bitching about the bitching of the bitching. Ya get it? Forget it. On to the next one. We off ya dumbass.

  • quality

    Last time I checked, this was a music blog.. Not a religious debate.. Anyways, honestly the song was good, but that intro was redickulous.

  • illicitly ill

    upon second/thirtieth listen, haven’t been so sure i’d buy an album in years

  • @marty mcfly, im pretty sure i have a few “common denominators” with Hitler too, is it bullshit when i talk down on him too?