• Doc Rovers

    Good Things is a great album

  • http://www.a3cfestival.com BK

    Boom. Feeling it, cats been underrated for a min.

  • IlldotLogic

    Willie Evans Jr is the awesome #DUVAL!

  • Nerwaj Notlaw

    Swag swag swag? Swag swag swag swag swag! WHOOP!

  • Zack The Leggo

    Gayest cover of all time...Hands down.

  • BillyLocomotionlotionpotion

    ZOMG.. EVERYONE! What rhymes with Ocean? Wait for it... wait for it... LOTION!!! ZOMG FUCKING IM A GENUIS. CALL ME BILLY LOTION. Dumb ass.



  • Redscan

    "I sat down, partook of the shrubbery and made beats"

    Lol, how can I say no?


  • http://www.TheNerdySouth.com Lyricist Hour

    Willie Evans is a Co-Host on The Lyricist Hour show, that airs Mondays at 7pm EST, on http://www.TheNerdySouth.com. Tonight is the season finale, and we will interview Willie Evans Jr live on the show about Billy Lotion. Come through and take part!

  • Roja Dat

    This kid is actually pretty dope. Does an excellent MF Doom impersonation!

  • http://www.bossladymgt.com Ms.L.Jay

    Undeniable talent and dope mixing! DUVAL is def' reppin'..

  • Mr. Midas

    Not trying 2 B negative or anything or a hater, but Aloe Blacc’s Good Things is pretty much my shit and this nigga Evans just shitted all over it (in a bad way). This shit is just a god awful mess my man and not really worth the download.