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Kendrick Lamar Live In Brooklyn (Video)

blame it on Meka June 19, 2011

Here’s the second half of Kendrick’s (2)Dope concert, this time in the packed house that was Brooklyn’s Southpaw, courtesy of BarrelHouse.

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  • Oak

    And let the love/hate begin…

  • fastlaneRob

    lol @oak why it gotta be like that. why when ppl see this guy post on this site a chosen few always gotta bitch and moan about the love he receives? and whats even crazier is its always ppl saying the same thing “im a fan but u guys are on his dick too hard” hahaha. either ur a hater or a dick rider now smh

  • Carlton Banks

    He trash.

  • CK

    ^How is he trash? I swear if people don’t like a certain artist these days they’re immediately trash.. don’t you people know something might just not be your taste but that doesn’t mean it’s not good?
    Also you can be a fan of more than 1 person.. when you “dickride” one rapper, it doesn’t mean you have to “hate” on the other..
    Hip-hop fans are a bunch of bitter little kids..

  • jwiii

    No, most are stuck in a continued state of puberty. It’s a symptom of poverty and no parenting

  • DP

    I don’t fuck with “hip hop” fanatics. Those niggas are losers. I do fuck with people who just appreciate music for what it is and love different genres of it. I got alot of friends who don’t like kendrick but I respect their opinion and keep it moving because at the end of the day I don’t hold their ipod in my hand. I got my own shit. People get but hurt when people say someone sucks. Fuck them, you need their opinion to feel better about liking a rapper?

  • OG Triple OG

    Fuck what anyone says, i’m a 41 year old hip-hop FAN. I was AT the Palladium in NY when BIG and PAC rocked together. I was AT the 1st club the WU rocked in park Hill S.I, I was AT the branch presentation performance of the Fugees when they rocked for the Columbia records staff. there was something special about all of those moments. Being at Southpaw and feeling the energy them kids had for the homie was serious. it was great to know an artist like him could rock a stage and spit like that. he’s a star who will surely shine brighter. I will go so far as to say he will be bigger than J Cole JUST because he gives more emotion.

  • RudeBwoy

    dude isnt garbage at all but i do think he is overhyped…he’s not the best rapper out of the recent new generation of “new school” rapper tho some would like to act as if he is…I still think Dom and Nipsey have dude beat out of the new Cali scene

  • CharlieMurphy

    @ RudeBway, Dom Kennedy? Nipsey? Get the hell out of here. Dom is like a west coast Wiz and Nipsey is no where near Kendrick. This dudes got so much talent and hunger and no one is fucking with him right now. I need to see this dude live cause he leaves it all on the stage from what it looks like. Kendrick is the future, so just deal with it.

  • ” Cali … Whoa!” – Bigge

  • NC704

    What was that song that began at around the 4 minute mark? Is that a new joint?

  • WackRapperPatrol

    did that dude really say Nipsey >> Kendrick Lamar ?!?!

    PAHAHAAHAHAHA. funniest/stupidest shit ive heard all week.
    Nip will NEVER be on Kendrick’s level.

    plus, they are both in different lanes of HipHop.

  • marty mcfly

    Nipsey speaks for a different type of culture in LA so you can compare the two but both have different fans. I think the only reason Nipsey gets slept on is cause its not cool to be gangsta anymore but when it comes back people gonna notice rappers like Nipsey.

  • kenny
  • Jonnielluminati

    Lol at @CK gettiing mad when somebody says hes trash like its a sin to think Kendrick isnt good…im a big fan and I love all the attention hes getting, only time I draw the line is when ppl start saying hes the G.O.A.T or best rapper alive..thats almost blasphemous lol if hes your favorite rapper thats cool, hes 1 of mine too, but im not stupid enough to say he can rap circles around Nas or even Lupe or Eminem

  • WHAT!

    @NC704 nah that’s song’s called “Look Out For Detox.”

  • WHAT!

    that. my bad for the typo.

  • larryGee

    chiiiiiiiiiill lets just all sit back and enjoy the new good music comin out folks.

    oh but that nipsey/dom > comment.. idk about that 1 bro.. but yea chiiiiiiiiil ppl!

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Holy shit, that was fucking awesome

  • overlooked

    Stop fuckin comparing everything and just take it for what it is. Kendrick Lamar is ill.

  • ipoop

    i was fucking there. kendrick is going to be one of the best. the first like 5 acts did not need to be there though they were all shit, actually YC was pretty cool

  • “Being at Southpaw and feeling the energy them kids had for the homie was serious. it was great to know an artist like him could rock a stage and spit like that. he’s a star who will surely shine brighter.”

    ^^^^^WWWWWOOOOOOORRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDD, i cant wait to see him again already… that shit was one of the best shows i ever been to, real talk… it was funny how everyone was walkin out in complete awe…

    n yea man, u cant hate on YC… he was dope… never hearda him before then but i was happily surprised…

  • kw11

    JUst go to a Kendrick show and post how you feel after it. I guarantee you’ll see what his supporters are talking about. It’s hard to compare his energy to that of another performers. Think of Kanye at the Glow in the Dark concert. He was able to hold down the stage by himself for an hour and a half off of raw emotion, great energy, and love for his music. Kendrick is in that lane for passion when it comes to his music. He’s not really that dude that says “run that track” cuz he treats every one of them like they’re all he has between him and his fans. He’s not pac, not nas, lupe, eminem, but he’s a dedicated artist. I was at Southpaw and he killed it for many reasons. People walked out in awe to say the least.