Rapsody – Thank H.E.R. Now (Album)

blame it on Meka June 21, 2011

With Phonte, Mac Miller, Jean Grae, MURS, Raekwon, Estelle, Big K.R.I.T., 9th Wonder, Nottz and more leaving their marks throughout, this may be the one female album both Sean Price an Shake may fuck with musically. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Rapsody – Thank H.E.R. Now (Album)

  • I don’t like NO female rappers! i dont like AAAAANY of them sir!

  • Dunn-D

    I hate her flow..but i will give it a shot because I know the production will BANG. Hopefully this shit slaps

  • Chipz

    FUCK A BUNCH OF FEATURES…I dont give a shit if the bitch got GOD on a track, if she can’t spit she can’t spit. looking forward to checking this one out….

  • theheartbeat

    @Chipz “I dont give a shit if the bitch got GOD on a track”

    rofllllllllllllllllllll hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that was mad funny

  • “if she can’t spit she can’t spit. looking foward to checking this one out”

    thats the problem with hip hop today people go into wack music, understanding its gonna be wack and STILL go and check it out. and then since you have such low expectations when a wack album has half ass decent songs, you guys think the shits just GREEAT.

    not even gonna check one song on this shit

  • QZA

    ^^ idiot.. any 9th cosign will have my attention.. plus these features are nuts

  • imhh1

    @ dont waiste your time writting a book so.. go fck with lil wayne and 50 , you idiot

  • k

    I’ve liked this girl ever since she dropped that song “Every”

  • charlesb

    If you’re not fucking with this ya timbs on a hard lean

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    I hope people stay open-minded about Rapsody. Thanks for the download and appreciate all the hard work you guys do on the site. Peace and GOD BLESS

  • oh yea QZA? you also rollin around bumpin that bitch mob lil b mixtape then?

    and since when is mac miller “nuts”?

  • haterswhy

    Something I’ve never understood about the readers here: If you hate it, why take the time to write about it?! If you hate it, don’t listen to it…why waste your time and energy ranting about it online?

    Anyway, Rapsody’s dope, really talented and about the music not the gimmicks. And with these cosigns she’s def goin places. Worth the download

  • H & K

    As far as female MC’s what about Da Brat & Jean Grae?

    I’d rather listen to the Da Brat than 75% of MALE MCs. Jean Grae is obviously better than Da Brat but Da Brat is more listenable cuz of her production & sharp delivery. Kinda like Curren$y isn’t as good of an MC as Big Daddy Kane, but Curren$y’s sound has more replay value & appeal ya dig?

  • jubei208

    Didn’t know this was going to be free. Looking forward to this. I like “Return of the B-Girl” album, hoping this continues that way.


    This tape is beyond Great!!! Black Diamonds, Top Five, Lampin…This ENTIRE tape is GENIUS… the hate in the comments is PURE IGNORANCE. U hatin on something u not listenin to is like stevie wonder saying he doesnt like his new haircut. FOH… move on

  • GOTjamit

    this tape is a classic. its complete from START to FINISH; dont have to skip a single track. if you dont like it something is clearly wrong with you.

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!! This shit is crazy and im only a few songs in. Since last year Jamla is taking over my stereo , Thanks Rap.

  • Bluh

    Sexism = sean p and shake. Shameful

  • Soundcheck

    Classic!!! #JAMLA

  • J.Justice

    half of these last comments are clearly her friends or the jamla guys trying to make her seem dope, because clearly the public(general opinions) dont like this crap and me either

  • Jay

    Wasn’t Kendrick supposed to be on this?? Anyone have that track ?

  • Fursty

    @ J.Justice, dude you are what’s ruining hip hop right now. Can people be entitled to their own opinions?? I guess not.. Who gives a Fck if you feel it or not, just because you don’t, doesn’t mean it sucks. This Sh!t bangs IN MY OPINION.

  • im Thanking her now and forever for this. i hope this album can be a blueprint of whut FEMCEES suppose to build their albums and whut subject matter to put in their songs besides this hypersexual & pop nonsense they choose to sing and rap about

  • komplexx904

    I’ve always thought Rapsody was slightly above average but now she has really expanded her style and tightened up her flow a little. This is by far her best release and that Blankin Out (rmx) is gonna be in heavy ro for the foreseeable future.

  • Big N

    Im feelin that tracks produced by Eric G. Love how he mixes the R+B samples.

  • yugang

    I dont know what half of ya are talking about but homegirl can spit. Is there room for improvement?? yes but shes going in the right direction artisticially. However, if she keeps doing her every album w/ heavy features like this its gonna start looking bad on her part like she isnt good enough to hold a complete project down by mostly herself. Dope project regardless tho.

  • yamammynigga

    Fuck Sean P! and all you other sexist ass muthafuggga judging someone off they GENDER?????…its BULLSHIT. and Shake it a fat one fool…for you retweeting Sean P bullshit remarks about MCs who are FEMALE!… Fellatio giving ass niggas!


  • Onederin

    I don’t see any reason why people are bothered by the features. When you actually listen to the album, it’s a pretty even split for features and solo songs. I’m including the Tyler Wood and Marsha Ambrosius as non-features since they are only there to sing the hook and I see nothing wrong with that.

    Either way, this is a really solid album.

  • Gave it a shot and…honestly not really anything that had me pushing the “back” button. She’s not a bad MC, just really nothing standout that has me checking for more. Also I thought the production was actually more part of the problem than anything else. Wasn’t the best I heard from 9th for sure, and the rest was meh.

    She definitely is getting better though. Versus her last album, there has been a vast improvement for sure in her flow. Just not strong enough to carry ho-hum production. Shoot, NAS can’t even solve that problem.

  • @Justa If you don’t like these beats and rhymes…or think they are just ok…then please tell us WHAT album or mixtape you DO like or think that beats and rhyme are superb….please enlighten all of us….

    this jank is tough…fuck all the pretentious over analytical bullshit…thats why rappers go pop….cause yall too damn picky…

    enjoy the music and quit tryin to be a scientist…

  • ad9esr

    I stopped fuckin with her after “honda accord music” and that horrible ass love song

  • She got the cosign from ALI SHAHEED from A TRIBE CALLED QUEST…….go look at his twitter page……..A LEGEND…..

    the rest of your fuckers can NOW STFU… how you dickriders change your tune now….LOL

  • Geronimo

    When all you are used to is watered down, commercial, fake, RAPPERS – you don’t know how to act when there is a REAL MC on the horizon…..#JAMLA, #IWWMG

  • Real rap, half of you are bitches, because I’m willing to put bread on the line, ya’ll judged because she’s a girl. This joint ain’t a classic, but forreal it’s better than alot of the shit i been hearing. If you can’t do the job better than her, then shut the fuck up, and go back to your mother’s basement. How the fuck would you like it if someone came to your job, and said you some shit at what you do? You would be pretty hurt wouldn’t you? For the ones who kept it real (the ones who listened without being biased) I salute you, to the rest of ya’ll, eat a dick.

  • I can’t believe there is any hate on here for this album at all. In my Top 5 projects/albums of the year. “Thank H.E.R. Now” is WOW quality. Rapsody is KILLIN’ it, the features are super dope, and the production is so on point.

    I listen to damn near anything that comes out because I run a hip-hop site and release a Monthly Rap-Up of the best stuff that comes out each month. This shit right here is LEGIT. Don’t sleep.