• k


  • http://toad.com toad

    this guy fucking blows. he's a bad rapper and he's even worse as sean's hype man.

  • http://www.online-betting-guide.co.uk/?tx11653 Epic

    Should stay inside his closet.

  • WoW

    Oh come on SAYITAINTTONE... You can't even lip sync a song where you got like a minute of fame? smh...

  • Stay Frosty

    Thought it was a dope video but both of them seem bored for such a light hearted song. And Sean in the big fur = Cam'ron with a shitty goatee.

  • WishingtonDonChocolate

    Holy Haters... Its hard to make a video of a closet when you have built that closet up. I saw neither a runway for models NOR planes. And I like how he had all the red wings stuff cause theyre the only good team in Dtown

  • http://tradvilla.tumblr.com/ Chuxilla

    I got some lens flares in my closet...

  • Naythen

    This shit is dope.

    stop hating..

  • Musikfiend

    Song is dope. Vid is cool too. This should of been on Sean's album b/c with the right push behind it i could hear this on the radio all day long.