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Asher Roth – Summertime f. Quan (prod. Nottz)

blame it on Meka June 22, 2011

Nottz Raw and Asher Roth link up once again for this breezy cut.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Summertime f. Quan (prod. Nottz) | Mediafire

  • yessir


  • fuckkmarkk

    Notice how they try to show Asher interacts with big black precious like women by not even centering him in the picture.

  • Yeah

    ash improved alot since his greenhouse effect/bread isle days

  • Coochie Mane

    Perfect song to ride around and get stoned to. Asher’s album, Section.80, Take Care, and Cole World: The Sideline Story are my most anticipated albums for the rest of 2011. I doubt Kanye is gonna release a solo album in 2011 but that would be up there too.

  • Thank Me

    Wow this picture tho b…

  • prk

    Eminem is back in full effect, why is this dude even relevant with people anymore? He was never good, but i understood how people tried to fill the void.

  • protege

    same quan from that nas track? where the fuck this dude been at? he pops out of nowhere and yall aint surprised !?

  • gptp20

    no way quan?!?!? i thought this dude was next back in 05

  • Unxpekted

    This guy isnt fooling me, good production and paid features masking a fucking shitty ass emcee seem halfway decent. This shit is garbage.

  • th3rd ear

    This guy isnt fooling me, good production and paid features masking a fucking shitty ass emcee seem halfway decent. This shit is garbage.

    Unxpekted said this on June 22nd, 2011 at 1:09 am

    you clearly don’t understand the skill aspects of being a MC, if you did you would realise that Asher Roth >>>>>> 95 % of hip hop artists out today

  • @prk & Unxpekted… do you guys even listen to the music?

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    So you’re trying to say that Asher’s verses on Beaming and Fat Raps are bad. You’re also saying that both Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry and the Rawth mixtapes were bad.
    I’d like to know what’s good then.

  • really @Unxpekted? he hasn’t been the most consistent but hell he can rap when he really needs to and he had a pretty ill flow on here for a summertime jam where you don’t really say much.

    ash hasn’t impressed me in a hot minute but i loved this, it’s a great summer track!

  • What the fuck happened to Quan? That dude had the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself after “Just a Moment” but he blew it…

  • T

    Asher’s wordplay is amazing. How could you hate. Because he’s white? C’mon son.

  • brah brahh


  • SoCoolCurt

    where the fuck has Quan been? i bumped the hell out of “Just a Moment” and his solo mixtape was decent, then he disappeared like LeBron in the Finals. glad to see him back.

  • Two Asher Roth joints in one day? DOPE!

  • prk

    @bong i have, and the more i here asher the more it proves white people need to stay the fuck away from the mic.

  • Asher is fucking iLL, now. You fucking retards only see color.

  • yaheard

    @ prk,

    you can’t spell “hear”, so your opinion doesn’t count for shit… haha

    fuck the haters the rawth ep and seared foie gras were both really dope…

    right now i’m digging ash more than this new, pop, fake, plastic eminem…

  • lolzhey

    notice the fact bitch. she’s probably all like “damn i wonder if he’ll share some wtih me.”

  • Pac Man

    Asher Roth keeps its real and has more street cred than the rapper rick ross

  • meanmachine

    this song make me want to smoke and take a nice summer trip down the coast, asher does it again str8 heat, quan still got it, nice return

  • jb

    All you hatin ass mf’ers are funny. Let the man do his thing, & go do yours. It’s simple as that. Son ain’t no Em, but he can rap. & word, Quan? It’s been a minute.

  • PrayMyGame


  • Mike

    Great picture I fux with Asher for a white rapper he’s better then mac miller and chris webby to be honest. 1. Copywrite 2. Eminem 3. Asher Roth 4. Chris webby

  • Unxpekted

    Asher Roth is garbage lmao I dont need justification from some 16 year old white kid who thinks Asher Roth is talented. Go listen to some early 90’s hip hop then fly over to Europe where peoples bar structure, flow, cadence, and delivery makes Asher sound like a retarded rapper that should have never been handed a mic. The guy is absolutely terrible, puts me to sleep. But hey some people think Lil Boosie is sick!!! SO WHO AM I TO DISAGREE

    To me Asher Roth = Lil Boosie. Hes really not better just pretends to be conscious when hes really not.

    BAD VS EVIL > Asher Roth’s career until death


  • AMP

    O I didn’t realize it was Unexpekted who was talking shit. His opinion doesn’t count for shit because his name only pops up on some negative shit.

    He’s what they call a hater and what I call a lame.

  • Prk & Unxpekted.. you guys are such fuckin retards how about you guys actually give me some names (thats not the greats like nas, jay z, tupac etc.) that are better than asher in todays music..

    his ENTIRE mixtape was fuckin dope as shit, and he wasnt trying to be concious at all, he took a bunch of good hip hop beats and just rapped on them about whatever the fuck he wanted to.. im sorry you guys but its not the 90’s anymore and rap doesnt JUST consists of gangsta ass dudes runnin around rappin about gangsta ass shit, hip hop has EVOLVED and left you fags behind..

  • faded

    word up @bong

  • trust

    Anyone know this sample? I been looking for it for a minute

  • Toby

    @prk are you completely ignorant to ‘real’ rap? Eminem is better than Asher? You must be retarded to like his content of ripping off bitches heads and shit with a chainsaw, at least in the past his lyrics were clever and he was amazing lyrically, which excused the irrelevance to the mass public of his subject matter. However now it’s just got out of control, and ignorant fucks like you have fallen into the pitfall which the media has set up of proclaiming Eminem as one of the best rappers, who else do you like to listen to? Lil Wayne? smh.

  • Admir Bonsoir


  • Gilbert

    this shit is tough. can’t wait to hear the follow up album


  • @Unxpekted: Son I listen to more 80’s and 90’s hip hop then you do so quit hatin on the man. If you were a true fan of hip hop you wouldn’t be down for the hatin; like Common says ,”If I don’t like it, I don’t like it that don’t mean that I’m hatin”

  • Purps McNuggets

    check out the fat chick eyeing his wendy’s

  • eatshitanddie

    a shame that this wordsmith of an mc isnt getting the respect he rightfully deserves because you fucktards are more concerned with the color of his skin smh

  • DANK

    notice this has 381 likes, but it’s mostly hating ass kids taking time out to comment… losers

  • imhh1

    every nottz beats deserve a listen even if roth suck.