• http://facebook.com/mgas11 Matt

    common got bars for days! lawdamercy!

  • Sperm

    This is corny. Common always trying to sound earnest and profound. At least when he was with Dilla/Kanye, he was carried but decent beats.

  • Sperm

    'BY' decent beats.. Whoops

  • Cage

    yeah Common had bars since back in the common sense days... Legendary Chi spitter right there..

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    You're corny for talking shit about Common.

  • marty mcfly

    Commons Lyrical ability is crazy , I wish he picked better beats on his album Electric Circus ( the only album he has that I feel was flawed beat wise ) because where he was trying to take the game lyrically was to a place that hip hop still aint reached yet but anyway , whats up with that song he was posed to do with Nas?

  • komplexx904

    I wonder if that Makeba is Mooncycle from Lunchroom Classics w/Kweli back in the day?

  • http://SportsHop.tumblr.com Lil’ Nello

    A real amazing record from Common & No I.D. that's a perfect summertime CHI track! Really love the guitar in the background & glad to see these 2 CHI-TOWN/Hip-Hop legends working together again as if they never lost a step with each other! Also I can't think of what specific track but I know it can't be just me that thinks part of the beginning sounds like 1 of Com's other summertime records he previously released?

  • Chuck

    Common is one the nicest niggas spitting



    @marty mcfly it's supposed to hit Amazon.com tomorrow

    shits gonna be fire



  • ken

    how do i download the whole ep? some people already got it

  • ken

    nevermind. just hit the twit link

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