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Creed Chameleon – 9 To 5 f. Trek Life

blame it on JES7 June 22, 2011

Something new and dope from the Hawai’i emcee Creed Chameleon. If you see him out in AZ, tell ’em whatup!

DOWNLOAD: Creed Chameleon – 9 To 5 f. Trek Life
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  • Gibby

    Whats the ratio of likes to dislikes? 9 to 5 haha

  • hihater

    hahahaa… good stuff, cant wait for the mixtape…

  • mello

    big up to AZ and Trek Life!

  • Prizzy

    Creed killed this shit! Hawaii Hip-Hop taking over!


  • okayplayerhater

    trek is nice

  • Sick rhymes and sick scratches by Packo!

  • Ripp

    This shit DOPE right hereee!!

  • Camron

    this shit is dope! love that HI shit! Creed goes in!

  • K-Den

    Scratches, Raps, Beats, ALL ON POINT! MUCH LOVE!



  • Kream

    the beat is okay. the rapping is complete garbage!!!

  • DopeSlang

    VERY BAD! As in WHY is this crap even listed on 2dopeboyz. SMH

  • I’m Not Weezy

    No idea why some people don’t like this. Something is wrong with your ears and braincells. This song is Hip-Hop at it’s finest!!

  • Mufasa

    That is why they keep demselves anonymous for being pussies… faggots. Creed and Trek go in!!!

  • mushmeezy

    Good shit fellas!! Packo did WORK on them cuts!!

  • monkeyshine

    This would be hip hop if the prodcucer used this beat for a real emcee. The rapper Creed is horrible even on a decent beat.

  • fa’sho

    Hip Hop at it’s finest? Really? Honestly you ain’t weezy cause you ain’t getting paid. People in/from Hawaii really think this is the Hawaii’s answer to New York’s finest or LA’s heavyweight’s? Blahahahahaha

  • PuertoRicanPride

    Did not know there was a Hawaii Hip Hop. Now I know why. This rapper Creed sounds like Slug with down syndrome.

  • DruDeezy

    So this kid’s calling his “mixtape” the Vanishing Act. Should be more like The Act that will make Hip Hop Vanish.

  • jah bless

    I’m digging the beat but the ryhmes is weak. Trek Life I can listen but I’m just not feeling his vibe. He doesn’t have that infectious voice nor rythym.

  • Won Tymer


  • Chum Chum

    seen Creed do hiz thang for awhile. fuck dem cats hatin’ on the comments. dey probably mad cause their gf left dem for ur music… more Hawaii Hip Hop!