One-2 - In the Zone f. Kobe (prod. Komplex)

First single off the Destiny disc of One-2's upcoming double EP, Histroy/Destiny.

DOWNLOAD: One-2 - In the Zone f. Kobe (prod. Komplex)
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- First single off the History disc.

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  • TEOtheCUZ

    RIDICULOUS TRACK UNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHAT IT DOOO DOGGIE...its ur time now...Whadup MIck!

  • crook

    one-2 is dope, but this track is SHIT. absolutely horrible beat and hook. a lyrical emcee tryna ride a pop beat? wtf THIS IS A FLOP RETARDS.

  • rsthrdssrh

    sory no

  • killamic

    @crook this track is fresh and sounds better than most pop-electro shit out. u hip hop heasd or purists need to stop hating on rappers that rap on beats like this especially if the rapper is talented

  • yugang

    Usually when a rapper tries to rap over a retro-electro infused beat, its a miss....BUT in this case it works for one-2. The beat is well made, its unique and more energetic than most mainstream pop sounding shit (i.e. alex da kid and will-i-am). History/Destiny ep represents 2 different sounds

    history - traditional raw uncut hip hop
    destiny - experimental house retro infused sound

    Hip hop heads will fuck w/ the history side but most will trash the destiny side cause if it dont sound like a strict hip hop joint they wont listen to it w/ a open mind unfortunately for uno.

    Me personally, this shit sounds alright to me.

  • Dont care what if im the only person that likes this song, its hot to me. Kobe killed the hook and kompo came up w/ a nice hybrid sounding rap/retro beat.

    Please follow me on twitter @jacken_88 by clicking my name

  • illsupra

    What. The. Fuck.

  • xpand

    Not bad. So far this song is getting more postive feedback than negative by a small margin. Im sure they'll be more negative reaction knowning the bloggers over at 2dopeboyz w/ their elitist attitude towards shit like this.


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