• t.a.morales

    DOPE. One of my favorite The ILLZ songs.

  • Illa

    Never tear up a dudes book of rhymes no tellin what hill do to your ass lol

  • poetic assasin

    This is my favorite track from the Pursuit tape... Video is great -- man, this is the shit I love - stuff regular people can relate to - I aint in the club every night --- man if a woman tore up my rhyme book lmao --- Ill video from the IllX, JERSEY ALL DAY


  • GeeZuP

    This is one of the dopest songs Ive ever heard n I think its a track that many can relate to cuz its so real I thought the vid was cool but coulda been better tho

  • batman

    seriously illz is so dope...just listened to all his mixtapes LP's in one sitting. Much respect son. That cinematic orchestra sample is crazy.

  • wow

    Yooooo 4 real this iz doooooooooooooooooppppe!!!! Finally breath of fresh air. I'm pleasantly surprised indeed keep up the great work man!

  • Ty
  • ado


  • Solace King
  • ecg

    i totally relate to the song and vid.

  • http://shefskitchen.com Black Hand Jack

    This is what Hip Hop is meant to be.