DJ Premier Talks Yo! MTV Raps, DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock Project, Kristina Rose, Van Halen & More (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 25, 2011

On the Premier vs. Pete Rock project, Premo says he’s got Sheek Louch, The Beatnuts and GZA so far. He’s also gearing up to put out a new project by Freddie Foxxx, NYGz album and his artist, Nick Javas’ debut. Spotted: Crate Kings.


    premo’s interviews are always interesting. one thing I disagree with premo is, his thoughts on Tyler The Creator. I guess premo is keeping it political correct nowadays. I think Tyler is garbage and the whole odd future dudes are wack. odd future is about 15 years late on the horror-rap concept. it’s been done before and hip hop has closed the door on it. odd future is basically the ghetto insane clown posse. the only people into odd future is trailer trash and living in the street skateboarders. these niggaz are being belted with bottles in their own concerts which tells you they won’t be in the game for long.

  • LEGEND..the greatest hip hop producer IMO !!!!!

  • unclesam



  • T

    Agreed NYC/BROOKLYN.

  • @JayDEE cosign

  • DahStoryTella

    Great video.

  • Whiterthanmost

    The older mc’s / producers just don’t want to come off bitter OR old…so they give a props to an odd future or a soulja boy (yup, one and the same IMO).

    But hold up. W/O pumping Primo’s ego too much…. You ARE the culture. For intensive purposes of this interview. SOMEBODY’S got to take a stand.

    At least RZA and Prince Paul had other bodies of work. Then they DABBLED in what seems to be a new genre of fucking music. Smh…

  • Your Average Jet

    More Odd Future hate. Why can’t you faggots just accept that they have talent? Listen deeper to the fucking music…what other 20 year old nigga you know that is 100% self made and paved his OWN WAY into the game with dope rhymes, beats, and concepts? Tyler and all of OF are extremely talented…young niggas are taking over, son. Accept it.

  • marty mcfly

    Yes ODD Future has talent and yes Tyler came in the game with some skills but I think people are waiting to see if he can stay hot and build a career not just come and go like the hype off Yonkers. Alot of artists have come in the door with huge hits but then disappear as fast as they came a year later. Sidenote – check out Married to the Game by Teflon and Styles P off Dj Premiers Year Round Records album. FIRE !!!

  • kingsly

    i think the same mane … tyler go hard an every one of OF to but he needs to keeep it hot but stay the same most ppl think once you get big change your style an thats a wrong move give the ppl what made you big in the 1st place, i hope he doesn’t be come a b.o.b or drake an wwat i mean is get real hot then some one else big comes a long an takes the spot

  • Rip Guru

    Tyler has said himself “fuck that underground hip hop shit, I wanna win a grammy” Hip Hop is a movement, and maybe OF has a movement, but it doesn’t help society the way true hip hop stopped a lot of black on black violence in the Bronx in the 70s, and has continued to help shape hip hoppers for the better. Odd Future is exactly what it claims to be, if they actually become influential past the point of young teen cult followers, then Hip Hop will have a very odd future indeed. I like Tyler because he is my age and doing HUGE things. I dont like that he doesn’t comprehend the impact he has on the youth. I also heard in an interview “Someone told me I changed their life. How did I change your life? I dont even fucking know you” Most hip hoppers will say they hope to inspire and change lives… OFWGKTA is just going down the avenue no one else has gone down… expect it to succeed for a lil while but longevity in hip hop is only granted to those who deserve it.